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Friday, 20 May 2011

Malvern Quilt Show

Hi There,
Its about 2.30am here and I am having another sleepless night, so I though what better way to pass the time than talking to you folks out there and sharing some pictures of quilts, especially as my last post was a quilt free zone.Today Well yesterday actually, I went to the Show at Malvern and had a super day, there were sooo many quilts to see and of course it was very inspiring, I just wanted to come home and go straight into the workroom but common sense prevailed and I cooked tea instead (which was not inspired so I ended up with Pasta!!)
We promised ourselves we would not buy any fabrics :-( preffering to wait till we go 'Stateside' in September.... but Well! you know how it is? we succumbed, but only a little :-)))) I bought a pack of FQ's and a bag pattern, I just have to have a new bag to take to New England.... Don't I??,  one of those 'rotating' rotary cutting boards for me and one for Clock Tower Quilters and a 24" x 4" ruler, both to add to the Group Equipment, plus we bought sashing, backing and wadding for a quilt we are both working on but more of that later on. So you see we were very quite restrained really.
I am going to the show again on Saturday when I will be taking Harriet to visit her 1ST QUILT SHOW, I am really looking forward to seeing the quilts through the eyes of a 13 year old, and I hope she will be inspired by what she sees. ALSO I have made plans to meet up with one of my followers which will be really good, I will let you know how it all goes and add some more pictures next time
See you all soon, Bye for nowLorraine
 Here are the pictures - Some of them are a bit lopsided as there was such a crush of visitors it was difficult to stand in front of some of the quilts but I hope you enjoy them anyway. .
Group Quilt - 'Picnic in the Park' by Clifton Quilters.

Large Wall Hanging - 'A Future & A Hope' by Lynne Quinn. Bristol
Cot Quilt - 'Lily's Zoo' by Lynne Quinn. Bristol

Bed Quilt - 'All Dolled Up' by Valerie Coupland. of Salisbury, Wilts.

Journal Quilts by various makers        

Miniature Quilt 'The Lights of Home' by Pamela Bradley. Eccleshall, Staffs.

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