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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Malvern Part 2

Thought you might like to see some more pictures from my 2nd visit to Malvern, the weather was lovely and Harriet and I arrived nice and early so we were able to get some good views of the quilts.
Firstly my commiserations to Leigh (The Sewing Diva, one of my followers) who left a comment on one of my  earlier posts to say she would be at Malvern on Saturday too! What an opportunity to meet! I thought and got in touch inviting her to meet me at the show, then on Friday I got an email to say she had injured her back and would not be able to come along, I was disappointed but hope she has made a good recovery and that her injury is not keeping her from her sewing.  
Secondly my hearty congratulations to Pippa Moss  who received rosettes for both her entries, I have been following her blog and recently made a 'bell block' for a quilt she is making to go on show at the N.E.C. and subsequently to be sent to Christchurch in New Zealand. see her blog for further details
Now for those 'Piccies', I will put in a brief description taken from the show catalogue with each one.

Firstly one of Harriet just after we arrived,  taking a photo of Bare Necessities' (shown at the bottom of the post.) all I heard from her all day was 'WOW!!!' and Look at that, must take a picture' guess you could say she is truly hooked :-)))
She has requested to make a quilt with Cup Cakes on soI bought her some fabrics to start that with. It was quite refreshing to 'see' the quilts from a 13 year old's point of view as she liked quilts that I assumed she would not be interested in!

Next Pippa's quilts,
This one is 'New Allendale Quilt',  which is based on a pattern from an old quilt found in a house clearance, as stunning wholecloth which has to be one of my favourites. Bed Quilt - Received Judges Merit for Hand Quilting.
This is 'Kavi o Na Molo Kama', based on the pattern of an old quilt from Honolulu. Hand Appliqued & Hand Quilted. Bed Quilt Received Judges Merit for Hand Quilting.

This is  a small wall hanging by Stephanie Short entitled 'The Wildlife Patch' inspired by her garden. Dyed & painted fabric, Hand Applique with free machine embroidery & quilting and free machined Ferns. Sorry! I can't remember what the rosette was for!
This is a close up of the bottom left corner I wanted to pick the flowers and stroke the cat, loved the Heron too, a nice touch!

'Brave Men's Blood' by Patricia McLaughlin. the detail on here was truly stunning and anyone who has seen  the film 'Zulu,' knew in an instance where and on what it was based. Made as a Thank you for her Husband's help & support during 15 years of travelling, teaching and talking as a quilt artist. Drawings made from Hubby's Photographs, hand painted & dyed fabrics with machine embroidery & quilting.

Next some Journal Quilts that took my eye, all  Journal Quilts were in pairs and judged accordingly. I posted a general view of them last time but these are some of the ones I liked most.

These are L-R Sculptured Stone & 'Mossy Stone' by Vicki Mitchell, inspired by the Stone of Scone. Runner Up Rosette
 'Mermaid' & 'Moon Dancer'  by Patricianne Jones.
A process of  doodles and sketches in fabric, fibres, threads and beads
Who can resist 'The Pea Green Boat' (Prow) by Birgitta Debenham? Silk & Cotton which has been machine pieced and quilted with Hand embroidery. Runner Up Rosette.
Don't you just love the expressions on their faces?
'The Pea Green Boat' (Stern)

'The Elements' by The Lofty Quilters. Derived from a Challenge to make a hanging from an old blanket, which was divided into strips, dyed and embellished on the theme of the four elements. I had to take these in two parts as I could not fit them all in one shot.The first four are the l/h side, the other three were on the right.

 and the last 2 - this is 'Bare Necessities' by Mary Woods
(this is the quilt 'H' was photographing in the 1st picture.)
made as a present for the maker's Grand-daughter. A bright fun quilt which was causing a lot of smiles!

One from the Miniature Category, 'Sweet Dreams' by Margaret Morris. Hand applique using mostly cotton fabrics, with 90 hand cut hexagons on the bed quilt. Machine & Hand quilted plus embroidery. Inspired by Children's books. This was a real treat if you like miniatures, the detail was amazing, right down to a teeny tiny Bra & stockings on the bed end. I loved it!! :-))))

I have many more pictures in my data base but there is a limit don't you think?
'H' and I left the show, two tired but very happy quilters after a good day out!
See you next time

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