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Saturday, 4 March 2017

What a week!

Hello All
I'm back again to share the latest events for this family. Last Thursday I drove to DD's to be available to do 2 school runs on Friday as DD had to attend to a meeting which lasted all day. This was a long standing arrangement and determined not to let them down, off I went. I had a great day, once Little H was delivered to school, back I went and as I'm still not quite fully recovered (see last Post) I had promised not to 'do anything', so cuppa and snack in hand I went off to the lounge to put my feet up. I had originally planned to make this a sewing day but couldn't face getting all the 'equipment' in the car so, I took my crochet instead, I made good progress on the large 'nest' for H's 'Disney Kitties'.
I came home on Friday evening and over the weekend more progress was made and I was thinking that it would be finished this week.

But NO! On Sunday I get a text from DD to alert me to the fact that DGD had had an accident, by falling off the office chair!!! After a phone call to the out of hours  GP service a badly spraining ankle was diagnosed, and I get a photo of H with frozen peas on her ankle looking very sorry for herself.

Monday am. Another text, after a sleepless night for all concerned in Gloucester, DD & hubby decided that H should go to A&E, and could I go up to, A) dog sit. and B) sit with H while DD goes to work later in the day. So crochet in hand off I go again. I arrive and make a cuppa then receive a message to say the diagnosis is - it's broken. When they arrive home some time later H is in plaster from toes to thigh and hopping with the use of a walking frame, and I am informed that its the large bone in her leg (the Shin bone) that is broken not her ankle. It seems that she was sat with her leg over the arm of the chair and on leaning sideways the chair fell over causing her whole weight to be on the chair arm as she hit the floor. The break is a clean diagonal break with the ends separated but thankfully not out of alignment, around 2" above her ankle and there is a possibility that her knee could be compromised as well! The advice given is that under no circumstances is she to weight bear on that leg, so I offered to stay over till Thursday when she had an OP appointment at the Ortho clinic. This was gratefully accepted as H will need help to go to the bathroom or move from room to room when required, as well as trying to keep boredom at bay, fetch drinks etc etc.The only way we could get her down or up the stairs is for DSIL to carry her, so she comes down around 7.30 before he goes to work and stays down till he gets home and they have had dinner.

Thursday. After hauling H in and out of the car, we attend the OP Ortho clinic, another X-Ray thankfully confirms that the knee is not damaged, but the break itself is VERY serious, the plaster has to stay as a full leg cast (which is set slightly bent so her foot cannot reach the floor!!!) and they need to see her for checkups and X-rays every 2 weeks for at least 6-8 weeks, Oh! and they do NOT supply wheelchairs. DD has been to see H's school, they will take her for lessons but only if she has a wheelchair so they have had to hire one (which was NOT cheap!) Quite how she is to have a shower or wash her hair for the duration remains to be seen/worked out. 
Throughout all of this H has not lost her lovley sense of humour, (except when in pain, which is still pretty often) and as you can see the cast is of course 'Disney Princess Pink'

DD bought some Jogging trousers and I opened up the leg seams so that they fit over the cast before coming home on Thursday evening. Today I have been out and purchased a selection of 'crafty supplies', reading books and a few sweeties in the hope that when I am on 'duty' I can keep her entertained, thank goodness for Pinterest! 

The crochet nest now looks like this...

The base is around 14" and the sides are 3"- 4" high, I still have some yarn left but will finish when I run out, I just hope all 3 Aristo-kittens fit!

The garden continues to burst into colour, we now have lovely purple crocus's in flower, and so, on that note I will sign off with a spring flower picture.



  1. I hope H is still on the mend & enjoying being back at school. Please send her our love & a big 'get fixed soon' hug. Lx

  2. Thank you Laura, I'm sure she'll improve as the weeks go by, not sure if her Mum will stay sane tho:-)))