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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Quick Post

I've had a lovely day today, being Wednesday I don't visit Mum so had the day to myself apart from the usual chores.
Getting up around 6.30am. I came down to have my first cuppa of the day (always the best one don't you think?) The washing machine had been on overnight so despite grey skies the Laundry went out on the line. Back indoors, I picked up my knitting to continue the project started yesterday at DD's. I had completed the green Beanie hat mentioned last post, I worked a reducing stripe pattern, 8 rows Dk Green 4 rows pale green then 6 Dk Green & 3 pale green and so on, I was quite pleased with the result.

The new project was mostly in Garter stitch so no much concentration required, this gave me time to ponder, and it was at this point I realised that I was a day out on the Wedding Anniversary stakes, and it was in fact TODAY not yesterday as previously reported here lst week, now a slight feeling of guilt sets in, 'cos if it had been DH who made the mistake I would have been really 'miffed'. When DH finally made an appearance, he produced a pretty card then after his breakfast was eaten he quickly disappeared to his 'man cave' at the end of the garden and came back bearing a pretty bunch of flowers, which I much appreciated.

As I had the day to myself and was now almost at the end of my new knitting project, I decided to finish it before heading off to the sewing room. I had made several of these little scarves many years ago while filling shoe-boxes for Operation Christmas Child. 

These are shorter than usual and are designed to wrap round a child to fit nice and snug, Usually there is a bit more length (28 rows) between the end of the shaping and the loops (the ribbed area) but as I was a bit short of yarn I didn't do them and it seems to be OK, This is what it looks like when the end is tucked into the loop (the ribbed areas). I would think it will fit a toddler

By the time I had finished knitting the sun had come out and I spotted some different daffodils in flower. these look really pretty on the rockery and the contrast of white petals around the bright yellow trumpet makes them look more delicate.

The sun has also brought the little hyacinths by the wall out in flower and these too look very pretty.

Finally around 10.30 I went off to the sewing room, and with the radio on (I'm Radio 2 fan!) I set too to cut some more syringe driver bag kits, a friend popped in around lunchtime which made a natural break to get lunch, and once we had been fed up I went again.
Next I knew it was 4pm and I had cut 17 kits, at this point I realised that my neck and shoulders were now killing me so I decided to start sewing but after making one bag I called it a day.

The kits

a completed bag.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will make a few more and the aim is to get them all done by the time we go to hand them over at the hospice on 29th March. A girl can dream eh?

Well it's 11.30pm so I'm filling my 'Hottie' and I'm off to bed.

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