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Saturday, 11 March 2017

A quieter week!

Hello All,
As the title suggests things are a little quieter this week, I returned to DD's on Monday to help out while she got ready for work (it's her admin day!) in the evening after H was asleep I managed to complete the crochet 'Nest' for the Disney Aristo-kittens (H reported that they fit and so does Snow White!!!) Then after a night on the settee I spent Tuesday morning on various tasks. First thing, with the wheelchair on board we set off to the shops to purchase some more jogging trousers, navy blue this time for school. Grandma then set to with scissors, and cut off the left leg, hemming it round so that they resembled 'lop sided' shorts. Once lunch was over it was entertainment time for DGD. We made coloured spinners from some card which H though were good fun. 
We had a difficult time with her becoming tearful and very upset at the slightest thing during Monday and Tuesday and think that now the shock of the accident and the novelty of having a large cast on her leg has worn off she has become very frustrated at her lack of mobility, has realized just how incapacitated she is and how reliant she is on us adults. However she was able to return to school (mornings only to start with) on Wednesday, much to her delight she was greeted with a hero's welcome by the class, who have been 'educated' in H's absence of how dangerous it is to not sit on chairs properly. The school have been very helpful, she is allowed to arrive a few minutes after the bell and use the Main entrance to avoid the 'crush'. As they are not able to provide a full time 'carer' she is not able to go outside for morning break or lunch but can 'invite' a couple of friends to stay inside with her and have lunch in the classroom or the library. If she needs the toilet a child is to be sent to the office with a special 'red card' and as soon as they see that, an adult will come at once to assist even if it's the head teacher or a secretary, that bit made us smile! but it is good to know that all bases are covered. Apparently H is really delighted to be back but is quite exhausted once she gets home.

Once back home life returned to normal, Being a bit fed up with crochet after all the little 'wildlife nests' (now delivered and gratefully received at the Vets), I started some knitting in readiness for my return to the Museum to carry out my custodian's shift on Wednesday afternoon, I wanted something simple (I'm finding that although I am very much better, my concentration is still not good!) so cast on a bobble hat which will be given to a homeless charity, I frequently make these, knitting them in the round as they are easy and quick to make and use up oddments of DK yarn. I'm using up 2 shades of green and knitting stripes.

I got quite a bit done then realized that I had dropped a stitch (Oh *****) so Thursday morning I got up and frogged it back to the rib so I have only have this much done. This picture was taken last night so the colours are not very 'true', the darker colour is Bottle Green and the lighter one is Emerald Green.

The garden continues to 'burst forth' in colour and we are getting sunnier warmer days (today it hit 12 degs!) apart from the daffs and crocus we now have a few 'ex' indoor grown hyacinths coming through and showing signs of colour against the block wall (a warm spot)

and further up the garden under some large bushes are some beautiful clumps of primroses, 

in truth though, these have been flowering all winter in the sheltered areas (our seasons seem to have gone haywire). The Camellia has been in bud for several week and burst forth during this last week.

We received this as a potted shrub for our 15th wedding anniversary, and once it outgrew the container DH planted it in the garden between some Conifer trees, it is now around 6ft high and flowers profusely every year, I love the contrast between the dark glossy green leaves and the waxy Cerise flowers. 
Here's a close up!
Another shrub I love is this one,

I haven't a clue what it's called (or where it came from) but there are lots of them all round the garden and again the contrast between the bluey/olive leaves and the Lime green flowers is lovely, if anyone out there knows what it is please tell as I would love to know.

Today I have been out ALL day (first time for 8 weeks!) Severn Valley were having a 'Charity Sewing Day' to make Syringe Driver Bags for our local hospice (www.stpetershospice.org.uk) 10 willing ladies came along including one who is not a member but wanted to help, (aren't people kind?)

Busy at the ironing board.

Carys had pre-cut and packed 50 'kits' from fabric donated by the group, I took 11 pre-cut kits plus others had prepared some at home too, in total we made almost 60 bags between 10am. & 4pm. RESULT!! I am going to try and make a few more before we go along to hand them over at the end of the month, here is a random selection of the ones made.

Well that about rounds it up for this time, Tuesday is our 42nd wedding anniversary so I wait to see if DH remembers, if he does, I may celebrate by making pancakes as we missed out on Shrove Tuesday due to the 'accident' and he does love em! 



  1. Happy 42nd Anniversary!! And greetings from New Zealand.
    Your week my well have been quieter but you have still been rather busy.

  2. Wow! 42nd anniversary. Now that's impressive & huge congratulations to both of you. Big hugs too, Lx

  3. Hello Jenny, Thank you for your good wishes and for calling by! Lx

  4. Hi Laura, again! Yes! quite a feat, it's had it's up and downs but I would'nt change it for the world!