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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Productive Week!

I've had the most productive week, as reported last post I had 17 syringe driver bag kits ready to take to Clock Tower last Saturday. After a sleepless night on Friday (I even brought my knitting up to bed at 2 am 'cos I thought it would help me relax!!) finally getting to sleep around 4 am, I managed to oversleep. Over a hasty breakfast, I decided to set up and start sewing as soon as possible. I set off as early as I could to open up. Kerry (who got there before me!) and I soon had the room ready with the urn on ready for the first cuppa which is always a priority on these days.

As always, we started with some Show & Tell... here is Heather (on the left) with 2 of her latest finishes ably assisted by Mollie.

Eager to get going, I set myself up a little 'production line', setting up my iron and machine to prepare (turn in and press) all the seam allowances and stitch the handles (quite a feat as they are 55" long!) but hoping I may get them all done in the day. Well dear readers, not only did I get all the handles stitched, BUT I also managed to sew around all the bags and get some of them turned through and pressed too.

This gives you an idea of what each prepared bag kit looks like.
A small selection
Yesterday DH and I had to attend the funeral of an elderly friend. Now if you are anything like me you spend hours ironing little pieces of fabric for your quilt projects but don't actually get round to things like shirts. So while enjoying my first cuppa and indulging in some knitting, a plan began to hatch in my mind. DH's shirt, the one I just knew he would want, was in the ironing pile awaiting my attention, now he does own more than one shirt but, I thought if I 'volunteered' to iron this one I might get few more bags pressed at the same time AND it worked! In a little under 45 minutes I got the rest done (and yes I did the shirt and some handkerchiefs too!)

I was on a roll, so today with the lunch prepared and after visiting Mum, off I went to the sewing room and joy of joys, by 4 pm with a break for lunch I had them all done making a total of 25 bags made in just under 2 weeks, here is the last one on the machine.

and here is a selection of completed bags!

Not only has it been very satisfying to make these and take part in the project, (St Peters Hospice was where my Brother spent his last few hours with us) it's been so nice to finally feel like sewing again, after not picking up a needle of any type during my 6/7 weeks of illness. So long may it continue... NOW what's next???


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