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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Improvement !!!

Hello Dear Readers.

Here I am again and pleased to tell you that I have improved a great deal. I am not completely recovered, but nowhere as near as bad as the last time I spoke to you. After 6 weeks of misery all that remains are that my ribs still pain a bit, THE COUGH is reluctant to 'let go' and all the inactivity has caused one of my hips to seize up which makes walking difficult but I am getting there.

My crochet nests are completed, I made 9 in total and they will to go off to the vets this week, here are 7 of them...

While I have been sitting around, Spring seems to have arrived in the garden, whilst the weather has been grey and gloomy the temperatures are fairly warm hitting 5/7 and even 10 degrees some days. The snowdrops were first to appear around the middle of February closely followed by the crocus's

and then the tiny little daffodils appeared and showing their promise of colour. I think these are called 'Tete a Tete' they are about 12" high and have tiny little heads on each stem and I have to admit that although I love all the spring flowers these are a favorite of mine.

I think they look so pretty against the backdrop of the 'Blue Star' low growing conifer on the large rockery.

then in a few days, more quickly opened up, to show off their pretty faces among the crocus and snowdrops on the small rockery.

I'm still crocheting this time making a large nest with my remaining scraps as Little H requested a 'nest' for her Kitties. While in Disneyland Paris she treated herself to a set of 3 kittens from the film 'Aristocats'. I have to report that they ALL had a really good time in Disneyland and I think they all found their 'Happy Place'. They managed to meet a lot of characters including Pluto, Goofy, Peter Pan Chip n Dale, King Louie (and YES! I am Jealous!) and several Princess's, which of course was the highlight where H was concerned on the list of people to see. It took me a long time to see all the pictures they took.

On Wednesday last I managed to attend the AGM at Severn Valley Quilters and I am once again back on the committee as Chairman. It will be a busy year as we have our Bi-annual Exhibition in February 2018. It was a good meeting and following the business we had a talk from Sandi Lush, Sandi was a member of our group way back when I first joined and it is always a pleasure to see her and see some of her work.

Well that's it for this time, I'm about to put my feet up, watch some TV and do some more 'nest building' for those kitties.


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