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Monday, 9 March 2015

Waaaay Back in January....

I started a tutorial, (See post on 15th January) and its waay too long since I added to that but as you will see from my previous couple of posts life has been a little hectic since then. I am going to try to get this rectified herewith, so hopefully by now you will have all the required 'tools of the trade' ready and waiting
Hex-a-long part 2.
Cut out some papers and some small fabric squares and let's get going, 

 place your template centrally on the fabric.

 and pin in place

you can use a fairly large needle and any thread for this, I have used a dark thread so it shows up. Make a large knot in the end of your thread, fold the first two sides of the fabric over, taking care not to fold the paper and take the first stitch from right to left (R-L) do not go through the paper, this will make it easier to remove them later on.
 continue folding the edges in, going round  R-L and taking a stitch at each point

 At the final corner fold the last piece under the one just stitched so that all the folds go in the same direction.

 make lots
 and lots!
Once I have made quite a few and I have the iron on I give them a press with a a fairly hot iron to really fold in those edges. You can aim to make 'sets' by making a solid colour or fussy cut hexagon for the centre and 6 co-ordinated ones to go round the outside or go completely 'random' as I have here.
I'll be back again later to show you how to join them up.
Meanwhile here is a finish, in January I won this little kit at one of the quilt meetings
and have passed a couple of hours making it up, it's supposed to be a key ring but it's actually a bit big for that so I made it into a little hanging, I will probably put it in the new sewing room.
Byee for now

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