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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Still Rollin!

Hello again, I can't believe this is my 3rd post in as many days, but I did promise to be back soon didn't I?
I have made progress on the 7 pocket bag and it is almost done.
 This is what it looks like, it needs a fastening and some style of handle.
 As it opens, the triangular flap at the top comes down to reveal the first pocket which is the largest.
In this next view I am trying to show all the pockets, I think you can just see them all if you look closely.
I am not sure if I will ever use it but I am pleased with the way it turned out.
On the knitting front things are NOT going so well! As I have mentioned I am making a pair of gloves for our neighbour, I have completed the first one and I'm happy with the way it looks - I had to select the yarn for her and she can be a bit particular so that was the first challenge but she liked my choice which as you can see it knits up quite different to my previous pair Did I show you my previous pair No?
Well they look like this!
and Barbara's are like this
However after casting on the 2nd glove I had managed to get 1/2 way up the increases for the Thumb gusset (around the purple section where it joins the hand) when I noticed a dropped stitch waaay down in the first 1" of the ribbing, It was so far back I had no way of picking it up and that's when I realized what I had done. When I increased at the wrist I counted up and was a stitch short, assuming I had miscounted I added a stitch and gaily carried on knitting Big Mistake, HUGE, if I had checked closely I would have noticed the dropped stitch and would not have had to take such drastic measures, now I had no way out sooo I took it all off the needles and carried out some 'frogging' all the way back down to the stitch (you can see how far that was by the yarn around the ball) and started out again!! So now the glove looks like this, Ah well! perhaps it'll teach me to check the stitch count more often.
At Severn Valley Quilter's meeting last night our speaker was great, Pat Train (one of my followers) who came along to tell us her 'Story So Far' she had many wonderful quilts to show us and lots of fantastic pieces from her City & Guilds Patchwork course, then she went on to tell us about training to be a quilt show judge through the Quilter's Guild. Everyone was spellbound and asked many interesting questions at the end, to conclude Pat urged us all to seriously consider entering Quilt Shows like Malvern and the Festival of Quilts, because if there are no entries there will be no shows.. Hmmm makes me think!

Well that's it again for now so see you all when there is more to report.


  1. hi , i like your ? where did you get that idea? should be original because i haven't ever seen any thing like it on here

    1. Hello Barbara, I got the idea for the bag via lady who did a workshop at Severn valley quilters but I believe a similar project has been featured in one of the British quilting magazines. hope this helps.