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Monday, 16 March 2015

A Finish ( and on time!)

Welcome back lovely readers,
The piece for the 4 Seasons Challenge at Westbury Park was finished and on time for last Monday's meeting I hasten to add - no last minute rushes this time for a change so what did I make, well nothing original I'm afraid as I kept changing my mind about what to make till I nearly ran out of time, but finally after spotting something on 'the net' I decided on reducing an idea for a cushion I  had seen on Kirsty's Home made Britain programme on Channel 4 some time ago. This is my attempt at re-creating her cushion project but at A4 size.
 I made a small 4 patch 2" squares (finished size) and surrounded it with some calico, once this was done I
added an applique Hare, some free hand embroidered greenery in stem stitch and straight stitch.
Then daffodils and crocus using Daisy stitch, french knots and buttons before addng a green border,
the finished piece looked like this. The daffodil (top right) is a  Macmillan Charity badge which I took apart and reassembled with a bead in the centre.
I thought I would use this post as a means of catching you all up on projects since Christmas so also completed was the I spy quilt for my friend's baby Taylor (see post on 14 Jan.) sorry it's a bit blurry!
I had great fun choosing fabrics, as you can see from the following
For the back I used a Navy Teddy print
 and rounded it all off with a bright red border.
sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt as it was delivered in a hurry during the Family 'dramas' that ensued around then.
I made some progress with the Alphabet wall hanging for Little H, getting the first 2 rows together last Saturday when SVQ had a sewing day, .
My good friend Lisa sent me pictures of the quilt she just completed, she has joined us at CTQ this year and has been working on this during our sessions there. I believe she used all Moda fabrics as she loves those

She made the label on her sewing machine.
Another 15 minutes of play block came off the machine last week and looks like this, bringing the total up to 5, not sure yet how I shall use them but something will occur I'm sure.
I hope you all enjoyed Mother's Day yesterday, it was really busy here, I cooked a special lunch with blackberry and apple crumble to follow, we invited our nieghbour to lunch as she had surgery on her right arm last week and cannot do much for herself at the moment and of course my Mum was here as usual. We cracked open a nice bottle of red as it was also the day of our 40th wedding anniversary, DH actually remembered though had no idea how long we had been married for!! The card he gave me had red roses on so that seemed quite fitting and he bought me some flowers on Saturday!!!! After lunch the whole family arrived so it was tea and cakes all round. I got these lovely Owl & the Pussy Cat stitch markers (from here) and a small box of chocs from DD and Co.
So all in all it was a great day.
I finished another book, as you all know or have guessed from the title of this blog I am passionate about primates and in the past I have 2 adopted Orangutans (Gordon and Kai) at Monkey World in Dorset which we visited some years ago. For Christmas I got this book by Jeremy Keeling who is one of the directors and I couldn't put it down.
It's a really good read, Iv'e added a picture of the back cover for you to read
Byeee till next time


  1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for stopping by on my blog She Quilts Today, and for your nice comment, it's so nice to stop here on your blog for a visit and find you are a great quilter, you blog is wonderful, be sure I will visit you often, I will love to read and see more of what you do!! thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Hi Alejandra,
      thank you so much for dropping in and leaving those lovely comments my 'Halo' is getting bigger as I write. I look forward to meeting you again soon.