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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Long Time No see

Well Hello again my friends,
What a few weeks we have been having here, as I explained in my post on Feb 2nd DSIL went into hospital suffering with Gall stones. Since then he has been rushed back in, once by ambulance at 2am and discharged 2 days later, then on Sunday 15th Feb he had to go back in again as an emergency!!! Finally the surgeon agreed he needed to have the offending organ removed, once this was done he was back home after almost a week in hospital while they worked out what to do. During all this Little H had Cystitis and then an ear infection. Thankfully now everyone is fine and back in the good health (Fingers crossed I'm not speaking too soon here!) Throughout all of this I was back and forth to their house staying over to give moral support, babysit etc. I got lots of knitting done, mostly my now 'famous hats' which now total 14
When I have been at home I started making a new pair of gloves as I lost the pair I made earlier (now found :-))) but have put these on the back burner as I found myself offering to make a pair for our neighbour after she admired mine.
I have also worked on DH's sweater, both back & front are now complete, and I'm working on the sleeves, these are all stocking stitch so should be a lot quicker to knit.
On the sewing front I have been working on a spring Challenge for WPQ, but more on that later as the 'big reveal' is on Monday and I don't want to give the game away early. I only got going on it last Thursday as I kept changing my mind about what to make. I have made progress on the alphabet wall hanging for little H, I now have all the letters & pieces sewn on by machine after the bond a web decided not too stick. This has taken for ever as some are quite fiddly here is a block to give you an idea, and this is one of the easy ones!

 I made another 6" block for a '15 minutes of Play' session which looks like this..
The new workroom project continues to progress, last week the fabricators came to fit the steel girders which will support the walls above the garage.
This is all passed by the building inspector so we can go ahead with the joists for the floor, so its all moving along nicely. Below is a view of where the new room will be in relation to the house, this is at the back where there will be a 6' window.
and on  final note this is what is I have just finished reading, 

I can highly recommend this book which I saw mentioned on the lovely Radka's blog Here  DS gave it too me after I requested it for Christmas, at first I thought it a bit slow but once the story got going I couldn't put it down often reading till the wee small hours. Speaking of which I'd better go to bed, it's almost midnight, so I'm off to fill the 'hottie', get a cuppa and tuck myself up for the night.
Be back soon (I hope!!!)

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