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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

On a Roll

First up may I welcome the lovely Lisa to my blog, she has been trying for ages to get signed up as a follower but was not having much luck, then today I saw she had made the connection YAYYY!!! Also while 'surfing' the other evening I left a message on the blog of Alejandra whom I found via Grow Your Blog (see button on the side bar.)  and she has replied that she has visited me too! Pop over and see her she has a great blog HERE
As for the title of this piece well  I'm making a start on some of the smaller UFO's that I have in my box and today it's the turn of the 7 pocket bag which was started at Severn Valley last year under the instructions of the lovely Joyce. No pictures yet as it's not going too well right now but that's what comes when you rush into these things (something I find myself doing from time to time.) Now! I can hear you all saying  'I thought you were working on the Alphabet wall hanging?' and yes I am but the problem is I started to put that together on the Basic Toyota machine I use to take to sewing days/workshops etc and the 1/4" foot differs somewhat - on the Toyota its a generous 1/4" while on the Husqvarna it's a scant 1/4" so you can see the problem.
As part of the spring Challenge  I saw a pattern for a 'Jackalope' embroidery on a shopping bag which I liked in  issue 49 of Mollie Makes magazine but I don't need another bag so I came up with this idea to play with the design to get an embroidery of a Hare and then surround it with an appropriate colour scheme for each season, well that didn't happen as I changed my mind, (no surprises there then!) anyway long story short is I decided to do the 'Jackalope' anyway, I am pleased so far with my progress, I copied the design at A4 instead of enlarging it and this is a far as I have got.
It's embroidered using 6 strands of embroidery floss and I am working it on Calico. 
Good heavens is that the time? I must fly! I have to go to Mum's and it's Severn Valley meeting tonight, we are having a talk by Pat Train (who by the way is one of my followers) and she is going to tell us all about being a Quilt judge.
I'll try to come back real soon with more progress on both projects.

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