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Friday, 14 October 2011

A Short Post!

I came back from helping to set up Severn Valley Quilter's quilt show, bringing home Fish and Chips (who can be bothered to cook after arriving at the hall at 8am to help set up a quilt show and have it open for 2 pm ?) Last week we only had 38 entries so an urgent email was sent to all members to get a move on, (all entries have to be logged for insurance purposes!) and boy did they come up with the goods:-)))) by 1.30pm we had A QUILT SHOW with over 100 entries, however while setting up something fell on me - complete accident  - but you should see the bruises- Ok! Ok! I won't post pictures of those!!!
I have resembled the proverbial headless chicken this week - logging in Quilts, sending info to Heather for making quilt labels, 3 appointments with Mum, visits from DD, Baby H & 2 large Dogs, a Wednesday Sewing afternoon, giving a talk Wednesday evening and picking up our Guest Quilter's quilt last night. 
Here are a few pictures to whet your appetites.
23 Pennants for 2012 - Chairman's Challenge

Carys' 'Stained Glass Daffodils'

Wendy's 'Cats With Attitude' 

Another one from Wendy
Kimono wall hangings from a Judy Mendelssohn Workshop

more wall hangings

Trudy's Owl Family
I don't know the all the quilt titles but they are worth a look I think!
Tomorrow its back to the show all day, take it all down at the end, then come home and collapse into bed. Well it's off to bed for me, I'll be back as soon as I can!

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  1. nice blog ,just found it , i really wanted to come down for your exhibition but work has a funny habit of getting in the way , loved you 4 generations photo ,kind regards Dee