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Monday, 31 October 2011

The Final Few Days

Friday 24th. 
After leaving Lake Morey we traveled back towards Boston and our final four days of the holiday, on the way stopping at Hart's Turkey Farm for lunch (which was not a farm at all, just a restaurant selling Turkey!), before arriving at Keepsake Quilting shop (here) which was huge enormous, at over 5,000 square feet and yet more fabric shopping (which I found difficult! of course!!! :-))) Then a long journey through Boston  in the rush hour to our hotel in Plimouth which was just a stone's throw from the water front  On our arrival we were ushered into a large room for a 'little surprise' in the form of a warm welcome by one of the early arrivals to this area, the woman dressed appropriately in 16th Century costume asked about our journey, and told us a little of her adventures since arriving in this 'strange land'. 
Saturday 25th
After a meal and a good-nights sleep we breakfasted at a great little diner with tables outside, which set us up for more 'adventures' at another QUILT SHOP! This time Tumbleweed quilts in Hyannis (here) where we were made very welcome, and managed to buy a bit of fabric before going onto the Avery Museum in Centreville. The  Museum ladies had prepared a lovely hot lunch and 'proper tea', served from China tea pots and drunk from delicate little bone china cups and saucers (which we later discovered were all Antiques!!!) After a short introduction by the Curator we looked around the museum which was in a large house, they have a few quilts but mostly other Artifacts covering the social and Naval history of the area and all very interesting. The Curator told us of a private Quilt collection in Barnstable, Cape Cod, which he had arranged for us to visit. We arrived in a very exclusive area right on the water and were made welcome by the collector and her husband, who have been collecting quilts for some years. As an artist she explained, she is attracted by the colours and patterns more than the workmanship. The collection were mostly Amish quilts and all very beautiful, we spent some time in her garden where she pointed out homes of the rich and famous  across the bay, but the view was disappearing fast in the approaching sea fog so, on the advice of our hosts we made our way back to the hotel.
Sunday 26th
Today was a day for sightseeing in Boston including a Trolley bus tour of the city's main points of interest. This included Boston Common, Bunker Hill and then a boat tour of the harbour. Lunch was found in Quincey's Market where I am sure you could eat every meal for a fortnight without repeating the menu, the colours and smells from all the different vendors selling food from around the world was simply out of this wonderful! 
Monday 26th 
After breakfast at the diner we were off, to visit Plimouth Plantation the living history museum of the Pilgrim Fathers. Here are houses and buildings re-created exactly as they would have been when built by the first settlers, all the people are in costume and have taken on the role of someone who actually arrived on the Mayflower, they are going about their daily business or chores, (baking, gardening etc) and talk to you 'in  period' so it takes a while to work out what to ask but I thoroughly enjoyed it all. There is also an Indian village again where you can go inside the homes and see how they were living then. Following this we went back to town to go on board 'Mayflower II' which is an exact replica of the original ship, its very hard to believe the conditions these people sailed in and the fact that any of them survived the journey. We then had the rest of the day free to explore Plimouth itself. Returning to the hotel for a shower and change of clothes for our last night dinner, and a show & tell of the best (& worst) of our purchases, there was much laughter all round at some of the items which included a box of Lucky Stars cereal (bought by Margaret for her 30 something son, who loved these when he was a boy & now unavailable in the UK!). After Dinner we presented Terry our 'Oh so patient and understanding' Driver with a few parting gifts, While at the retreat we  made him and Linda his wife 2 Mug rugs from some of our Freebie Fat 1/4's, we also gave him a gift from the UK and donated him a box of tea bags (to save carrying them home!). then after exchanging email address's with everyone we went off to bed. On Tuesday morning we were up and out of the hotel to go back into Boston where we had time for a bit more sightseeing and another meal in Quincey's market before being picked up to go to the airport for our overnight flight back to the UK. 
And so it was over, 9 quilt shops, 6 Museums & Covered Bridges, in 14 days... would I do it again? YOU BET!
And so what of my purchases well there's another story!!!!
See you all soon

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