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Friday, 21 October 2011

I Am Returned Again!!!

Once more I am returned from holiday (is this woman ever home? I hear you exclaim) well I am and I'm here to prove it. I have spent a lovely few days away with my Mum in Glorious Devon, the weather was kind and we got out every day, something Mum does not always achieve at home, and we ate too much but that's what you do on holiday!
I thought it was time to say a little bit more about my trip to the USA last month, I can hardly believe its a month already!!! Now where did I leave off Oh yes....
18th September. Up early and on the bus to Cold Hollow Cider Farm in Waterbury, this was not your usual English cider more a delicious Apple juice, the the farm was not really a farm (no animals & no Apple trees) but was interesting, we saw the machinery being used to make the 'cider' and got a taster plus we bought fresh donuts and cookies, 

This was their truck - I love American trucks!
Next we went to Ben & Jerry's Ice cream factory - again very interesting and yummy, the free taster was Mint Choc Chip, now I don't usually like minty ice cream (something to do with HOT and COLD in the same mouthful) but this was 'mmmmouthwateringly delish' and changed my mind about minty ice cream completely.
Our next stop was Shelburne Museum where the buildings were all historical structures giving a taste of life in  earlier days.

 There was a large collection of old quilts which were stunning, however I'm afraid this was where my camera started playing up so I only have a few good pictures and unfortunately I forgot to write down any dates in the frustration with my camera.
Roman stripe

Crazy Star

Straight Furrow

Crazy quilt
19th September.
On the bus early for a long drive, we travelled through beautiful scenery up through the cloud base, over the Appalachian Mountains and down the other side to visit to another farm ( a real one this time!) called Billings Farm, this farm has a long history of conservation plus a beautiful herd of Jersey Cows, all descendants of a herd brought from Jersey over 100 years ago by a forward looking farm manager, The house has been kept  'in period' to show what the Managers home was like and had many 'mod cons' considered luxury for the time such as hot & cold running water and flush toilets. The farm was hosting a 25th Anniversary quilt show to celebrate the 250th Anniversary (1761 - 2011) of the town of Sharon on the White River, luckily my camera behaved itself and this is a small selection of the quilts. The first picture is some info about the show, if you click on it you should be able to read it.


quilt & one of the cows

9 Patch

Juror's Choice



'Illusions' class

Curator's Choice

People's Choice
There were many more wonderful exhibits, but too many to put here I think. after leaving the farm we headed off for Lake Morey and a 4 day sewing retreat so I'll post some thoughts about that next time. Well DH has just been in to say Goodnight so it must be that time of night again so I'll sign off for now. I'm off to 'work' tomorrow as its the first lesson of my beginners QAYG course.

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