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Friday, 19 November 2010

Sunflowers in November?

I've had a good week this week, I've managed to complete the pincushion from Severn Valley Quilters workshop last Wednesday evening, though I think the colours are more Chrysanthemum than sunflower and it looks more like a Water Lily shape to me, what do you think? It was very easy, there was very little stitching and a lot of gluing so was very quick to make. Also during the day on Wednesday I managed to complete a cushion (1 of 5) to be given as a Christmas present. The embroidery in the centre is Candlewicking with a patchwork border then I hand quilted the centre panel to enhance the design, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Sunflower Pincushion
Lia's Cushion
Tomorrow I'm off to Clock Towers Quilters Christmas party, what a treat in store a whole day of sewing PLUS Lunch and the company of good friends. I formed the group almost 5 years ago and it consists of  7 ex-students plus a couple of  friends, we meet 11 times a year to sew, chat and swap ideas etc. in August we have a Cream tea (scones homemade Jam and CREAM!) then in November its our Christmas 'do' when we all contribute to Lunch and have a Secret Santa swap. I can't wait to see what I will get this year and hope Mollie likes what I made for her. I will be working on a couple more cushions with a space theme for 2 of Lia's brothers.
I've made a start on the fabric elephant for Eli the baby of the family, he's 6 months and is gorgeous now really starting to take note of things, I think he'll like the colours in the fabric. This is what I've done so far the 2 little bits are his ears which will be lined with Corduroy to give some texture, then when he is stuffed I will embroider his eyes or maybe make some felt ones to sew on.

Till next time

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  1. Hi Lorraine,
    I am glad I've found your blog and want to thank you for giving information about the Severn Valley Quilters.
    Looking forward to more pics of your work.