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Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Night - Work tomorrow

 Well it's that time of the month again, I have spent the evening getting ready to teach Lesson 3 of the 6 month Beginner's course tomorrow, 1/2 way through the course already, I don't know where the time goes, but I do enjoy teaching. I just love the look of delight on students faces when the penny drops and they GET IT! We'll be working on 1/4 square triangles, making  Ohio star or Judy's Star blocks in the morning then after lunch we will concentrate on joining the blocks together, plus hand and machine quilting so plenty for them to get their heads round. These are the two sampler quilts that my classes are based around.
They are both made using Quilt As You Go methods, which is the method I prefer to use for my Beginners Courses.
Sampler Quilt 1
Reds, Yellows & Greens
Reds Yellows & Greens has narrower sashing strips because it was made for a Group Challenge at Westbury Park Quilters. The Quilts had to be only 1metre in size so I reduced the sashing to 1" to make it the right size. We were each given a paper bag containing three pencil crayons and were challenged to make a quilt using only those three colours (or shades of them)  My crayons were Red, Yellow & Green hence the title of the quilt, it all worked out very well in the end as those were the colours I was using for my teaching samples, which meant I did not need to buy any fabric for the challenge :-(
I have to get my machine all packed for taking along to demonstrate, make sure I have everything I need for the lessons, and  find something for my lunch its snowing here, so a nice bowl of soup sounds favorite. I hope the roads are OK in the morning.
Must dash!
Bye for now

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