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Friday, 7 July 2017

What a Month!

Hello Dear Readers,
As I said at the end of my last post there has been a lot going on around here. Early on 14th of June my lovely Mum took a tumble at home. An ambulance was called by her alarm company and I was alerted by DH, after  a quick check over a mild chest infection was discovered but she was unhurt. After a chat with a GP some medication was ordered and they left her at home.. 

Then...around midnight the phone rings, alarm company to say that Mum had fallen again, this time in her kitchen at around 10 pm and had been on the floor for 2 hours! The reason for the delay was that Mum has never kept her 'panic button' around her neck but tied to the trolley she uses to walk, the trolley rolled away as she fell (this has been my biggest worry ever since we got her the alarm) and it had taken her quite a struggle to 'hook' it back using a broom which fortuitously fell near to her. 

An ambulance had already been dispatched so I flew into my clothes. I arrived to find her flat on her back behind the kitchen door which had been pushed shut in the fall. After another check by the paramedics fractured ribs were suspected and the infection had worsened. So off to A & E we went, many tests and and an x-ray later it was decided that no ribs were damaged but there was now a UTI as well. Apparently infection is the most common cause of falls in the elderly!

We were discharged the next day and given lots of advice to get Mum some help at home in the guise of care assistance. Ever since then I have attended meeting after meeting as Mum has been accessed and re-accessed to determine what should be done. 

Just as we all thought things had settled down Mum fell again, This time I was on duty at the Museum but luckily I was able to leave quickly arriving home to find DS in attendance, once again an ambulance was called but once they had got her up on a chair it seemed she was OK. As regards the UTI things seem to be a bit haywire, all the tests carried out since the original hospital visit show 'blood and other cells' present but I keep being told that 'no further treatment is required'. All of this is getting me very frustrated as I really need to find out what the hell is gong on, so that we can start to get Mum well again. Right at this very moment 'Nightmare' and 'headless chicken' seems to be very familiar phrases round here! Throughout all of this I have managed a bit of knitting but no sewing, which is driving me mad! 

I may get a chance tomorrow as I have to wait in for a delivery, but I also have to prepare for a Teddy Bears Picnic style birthday party on Sunday as requested by a Little girl who will be 6 tomorrow, (quite where that time has gone I have no idea)

On a Bighter Note..we now have a new baby in the family, she is 8 weeks old and arrived at DD's on Wednesday after a 'traumatic' journey back from Middlesborough (North Yorkshire) She is a cute Golden Doodle puppy (Golden Retriever/poodle cross) who it was discovered on the ride home suffered from violent car sickness. Here she is in DD's garden early yesterday.

Her name is Sansa (Yes! they are fans of Game of Thrones) and she is as gorgeous as she looks and of course I will be updating her progress as she grows. It will be so lovely for Little H to have a pup to grow up with, as Monty was already 5 years old and quite a serious sort of chap when H was born.



  1. I hope things settle down for you--best wishes to your mum.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, things are slowly improving!