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Thursday, 22 June 2017

A post of many topics.

Hello Readers
More Knitting, many years ago I made a knitted Baby Helmet for DS, I really liked the shape of it and its very easy to knit, I still have the pattern booklet so with the resurgence of Vintage Garments liked by many of today's young Mums, I decided I would knit it again and, I am as pleased with it now as I was 47 years ago. I will put it aside for the Christmas Bazaar and probably make another one or two in different colours.

A couple of weeks back I had the dog and cat to stay while DD and co went off to visit I's parents, Monty seems much more settled here lately (he used to fret and wander around sighing) but as you can see they have very different ideas of how to relax, this is Monty's usual position

flat out in the middle of the kitchen floor and Juno being a cat is always to be found here

on top of the kitchen cupboards keeping an eye on Grandma as she does the cooking, she also chooses to sleep up here which causes some consternation as she lies flat and can't be seen at all!
While they were here I was charged with the all important task of attaching some new Badges to Little H's Rainbow uniform

In the sewing room I have been busy with an experiment to make some fabric/textile post cards, I wanted to see if they really would go through the postal system having never actually posted one without an envelope before so I made this, I drew the design and fabric tinted it with crayons, using a pigma pen for the lettering

shown here in a poly bag to keep it clean, the next day I removed the bag, wrote the name and address of my good friend Laura on the back with a short message using a standard ballpoint pen, added a self adhesive 2nd class stamp, and popped it in the post box. I sent her an email to say it was on its way and asked her to let me know the warts and all condition of it on arrival. I am delighted to be able to tell you it worked just fine. she sent me a photo of the back, you can read the message and address, the stamp stayed put (my biggest worry) and its even got a readable postmark on it to prove it survived the automated machines. Yaay!!! Result, I guess I will have to make some more, hmmm! me thinks maybe Christmas cards for family and friends.
Well a lot has happened here lately but its a long story and its late so I'll be back soon to tell you more.


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