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Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Lovely Day and some Sewing!

Hello All,
It's been another lovely day weather wise, but for me too hot to sit in the garden so once the early jobs were done - preparations towards tomorrows Party, baking, visiting Mum etc, I decided some sewing might be in order!
You may remember I was experimenting with making Fabric post cards (see post on 22nd June) I was pleased with the results and after posting it, Laura sent me a picture to prove it works.

as you can see the stamp stayed in place and the postmark proves it had been through the machinery at the sorting office.

Following this I was asked if I would make some to sell, and I decided that today was the day. I had previously done some preparation, cutting fabrics to size (I like 6"x 4") deciding on designs etc and yesterday I did a bit of drawing/colouring plus a couple of experiments i.e. would Berol Pens (fine felt tip) bleed if used on fabric? - no they don't! Can I use rubber stamps (left over from my card making days) on fabric? - Yes I can! and could I set them by ironing them dry under grease-proof paper? - Yes that works too! but I think I need some new ink pads!
Today I layered up the 'Timtex' (I get mine from Empress Mills ) and calico backing, I used some Misty Fuse, which I brought back from the US trip in 2011 and was wondering when I would use it! It worked really well and did not give the 'grainy feel' of other bonding papers under the pen when I drew the Line and the text with a Pigma pen, Then it was sewing time. I stopped for a quick lunch break, but by 7pm I had completed 4 cards using the Wax Crayon technique and packed them up in clear card wallets.

The 5th one ( bottom photo - at the top) I made it at Clock Tower a few weeks ago. I'm now feeling quite smug having made them all in one day, I though it would take much longer.

There it goes again!!!, I am sitting here watching TV, (I had planned an evening of TV or watching a DVD) but my telly has other ideas. It's a fairly ancient analogue with a 'digi box' perched on top and it suits me but I guess the time has come to 'pension it off', as you can see by the little green light

the TV is on but no one is home, there is sound but no picture which these days tends to simply 'fade out' sometimes its for a few minutes but sometimes like tonight it's all evening! :-0 DS frequently tells me and I quote " Mother for goodness sake buy a new TV!" (Yes! I can hear you too Lisa!!!) who also keeps telling me off for putting up with it. 'But it's fine! (sometimes)' I say and as I'm usually knitting or talking to you lovely people, why spend the money  :-))
Well Today has been Little H's 6th Birthday, and I have had updates throughout the day of the celebrations. She got a new Bike from her other set of grandparents which was bought a few weeks ago, here she is all kitted up with her Helmet, pads for elbows and knees and NO STABILIZERS.

Tomorrow they will all descend on us for lunch and a Teddy Bears Picnic Party, I have pink Bunting to put up early in the morning and paper plates and bowls etc for the party food, so right now I better shoot off to bed to be ready for a flying start. I will be back as soon as I can with news and pictures of some quilts from a recent trip with Severn Valley Quilters
So until then from Monkey Business Central I shall just say...


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