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Monday, 10 July 2017

Another Lovely day or two!!

Yesterday's picnic party went without a hitch, everyone arrived early in bright sunshine and the paddling pool was filled much to Little H's delight. While lunch was cooking away we all enjoyed a cuppa in the garden, while H opened her gift from DS (who had to leave early due to another commitment) the game was a 'Frisbee' target game and much laughter ensued as she and her Dad played a REALLY competitive game followed by a variation where H stood in her pool while Dad threw the Frisbee's at her - shrieks of laughter followed as they hit the 'target' and she (and a few of us!) got splashed. After lunch we all retired back outside and were joined by a couple more guests and more present opening. As the weather was so nice we ate the birthday tea in the garden. While all of this was going on we spent time keeping the new pup from A) attacking Monty, B) climbing in the fish pond or Paddling Pool or C) eating things that were definitely not good for her. She is absolutely fearless for such a small pup so we were kept busy.

Now last time I promised to tell you about our recent outing with Severn Valley Quilters to New Threads Quilt Shop near Andover, the shop is part of a craft complex on a trading estate.
Setting off by coach at 9 am we arrived around 11 am and our ladies (and one brave hubby) set off in all directions to explore. Carys and I headed to the coffee shop for some refreshment, a lovely cup of tea and homemade cake (well you have to eat cake don't you?) We then discovered a lovely selection of shops and workshops to explore, there was a Woodwork business (the owner was selling his wood turned products at age 12!) and now at the age of 30 he has a thriving bespoke business. There was a lovely Fair Trade shop where we both succumbed to buying these lovely reversible Sari bags for only £7.

made from Hessian/re-cycled sari fabric and hand stitched with large Kantha style stitching, mine sits under the table by my chair and as you can see below I have been able to put all my current ongoing knitting projects inside which makes things look a lot tidier than previously.

I keep the Hessian side out as I like the contrast with the turned down top. The owner of the New Threads shop Meg had offered to give us all a talk about using Pre-cuts (New Threads is the largest stockist of Moda Pre cuts in Europe) She was very easy to listen to and gave us all full permission to make notes or take as many pictures as we liked, she showed us quilt after quilt, some looking really complex until Meg explained in great detail how they were made. Here are a few pictures of the quilts we saw. beginning with a rather 'fuzzy shot' of Meg explaining the finer points...of this one made from a patterned Charm pack, a pack of Bella Solids and some white yardage Size approx 48" x 48"

this one, a double bed topper is made from a Layer cake and a pack of Bella Solids charm squares

 Next one is made using 4 Jelly Roll strips, joined into a tube and cut at 45 degs. to form the squares.

This one is very easy, simply put 2 charm squares R/S together an sew all the way round,  mark the diagonal lines across each pair and carefully cut on the lines, open out, press and Voila! Square in a Square blocks simply joined with sashing. I was so inspired I bought all the fabric to make one.

This last one I just thought was so cute a lovely little boys quilt, sadly no details were given as she ran out of time. We had been split into 2 groups for Lunch as the Coffee shop was not huge, but Carys and I had brought a packed lunch so it was now time to eat. The rest of the day was spent looking at a few remaining business's before heading to join the queue in the quilt shop which though small was perfectly formed spread out over 3 units. we arrived home around 5 pm, whereon I had to do a quick turnaround as it was the monthly meeting at 7.30 pm. We always hold the usual meeting for those who are unable to join the outing and 11 of us spent the next 2 hours 'stitching and bitching' in the way quilters do!

Well that's it for now, I'll be back soon to tell you of another great day out.



  1. The airplane quilt is neat. I can think of several who would appreciate it. Busy days, hmmmmmm???

  2. The days do seem to be flying by Doreen. thanks for calling in!