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Monday, 9 June 2014

A weekend knitting effort!

Hiya one and all,
Just a quick picture heavy post today to show you what I achieved over the week-end.
I spent it at home but I was not idle!!! Ted was staying and he still thinks I will take him for an early walk, so we were up by 5.30am, but to be honest after getting attacked by THAT DOG back in January I have decided that we will not go out again. Ted is getting old & stiff in the joints and he loves the garden (we have a large one!) so he gets plenty of exercise chasing the wood pigeons that land there, he ignores everything else except the pigeons!!! I decided early on to tackle 'that sweater' - the one I have been knitting since forever (that's how it feels anyway:-() I may or may not have mentioned that DD bought a Maisie Mouse pattern on the internet (Little H is a BIG fan) having done many picture knits when DD was growing up, "of course I can make it" I cried and set to. Problem is it's a pig to do, as the background on the Chart is dark blue.
This is the pattern

The chart - the knitting needle is at the point I had reached by 4pm
 I started in earnest but found it hard almost impossible to keep track of where I was on the design and at one time I also had around 9 balls of yarn attached, so at most I could only get 2 or 3 rows done at a time before getting exasperated and putting it away. However on Saturday I decided that this was the day and set to only stopping for lunch, by 5pm I had made great progress.
The back - see what I mean about all the yarn
The front
Now I know its too warm for sweaters but it was a bit on the large size when I began so hopefully it will still fit. thankfully I have already made the back and sleeves. Throughout all this effort  Mr T kept me company despite it being quite hot in the conservatory where I was sat.
Also on the knitting front I have now made 18 blocks in the Rowan Afghan Knit Along mentioned in an earlier post, I'm still 3 weeks behind but keeping going as you can see from the pictures
This weeks progress 3 blocks of each colour
 added to the rest of the blocks
The next pattern is called Lace Kisses and I am supposed to follow a chart, which I have never done for lace work before so I wrote all the instructions down to make it a little quicker when doing the other 5 squares.
Also on Saturday I received the details of my partner for the needle case swap which I joined last week,(see previous post) she lives in the USA and I have contacted her and hopefully when she replies I will be able to nip over to her blog and see her preferences. Will keep you informed!
Well that's all for this time it's Westbury Park Quilters tonight and I need to go soon.

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