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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Quick Post & Swap Sent

Yesterday I mailed my little swap gift - the needle-book is now winging it's way towards the USA (I hope!!)
After a few false starts I decided to go with something I had tried before (I'm not very good with small things!) and so I made another Matroyska  Doll case.
This is the one I made earlier as I very carefully posted the swap one before photographing it DOH!!!

Last time I was here I was having problems with my pictures, so to bring you up to date these are the ones that I couldn't post last time
Flowers version 2
The flowers in the previous post were taken from this book which is on loan from DD. At Knit and Knatter on Monday Tina said "we probably have enough flowers now and please could we knit more leaves" so that's what I'm onto next (among other things.) Today I have been getting ready for Severn Valley Quilters, tonight is our Annual Skills Night when we have 4 members each demonstrating a skill or technique. I'm doing a Quilt As You Go method and had completely forgotten about it, hence the concentrated sewing sessions of the last few days. I'm even farther behind on the Rowan Knit along than before and I haven't touched the Maisie Mouse Project this week (See Previous post) it's already 6pm here and I'm being picked up at 6.30pm. so better go!


  1. I can't wait to receive my little needle book! I just love swaps!

  2. Hi Deb, thank you for commenting on the blog, do drop by again sometime soon. L