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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hello All, 
After a hard days couple of hours sewing last week, interspersed with the Cream Tea (and other goodies!!) at CTQ I finished the little incubator quilt from last weeks post, before moving on to my newest hobby, OK I know I Don't need another hobby but this called out to me when I saw it demo'd at Malvern last year and I bought a small kit plus the pad and felting tool but was then left wondering what else to do with it (the kit lies untouched!!)
Then on a well known TV craft channel one wet Saturday afternoon a few weeks back I saw some more 'in depth' demonstrations on needle felting by Jennie Rayment and I was off!! Obviously the sales pitch worked and I went online and bought the 'gear' at once and here is the result so far
I am quite pleased with it, and think I may make it into a brooch. One of the girls at CTQ had bought a new workbox for me (which I had been trying to get for ages) its just right for keeping all the felting stuff in so I guess I will now have to make a few more things.

See how well it all fits in, for my next 'trick' I'm working on an elephant design. So watch this space..but don't hold your breath!!!! LOL
L brought her daughter along to CTQ and she spent the day making a patchwork chicken, while Mum got on with some hand quilting, she did really well and I have her permission to show you folks
Didn't she do well? She asked for craft materials for her birthday back in March and looks like she's developing a talent for using them too.
H (the elder) has been staying a few days and yesterday was the summer Region 5 Young Quilters workshop, this time they could make Bit bags, Owls, bean bag juggling sacks or bean bag creatures, here are some of the girls at work.
sewing Owls

unfortunately at this point my camera batteries died so I don't have any pictures of completed projects to show you but when H's Froggy bit bag is sorted (it needs 'tweeking') I'll  post a picture. H has been here since Wednesday but has gone off to a BBQ with some of her friends tonight, is going home overnight then will be back tomorrow morning and staying till Sunday, when DS and partner will join us for lunch and take her home after to prepare for school  on Tuesday.
Tomorrow (Sept 1st) I am going to enter a few things in the local Flower Show, I decided to enter Rennie's Rose cushion, (May 2011) the Colour Wash Wall hanging I made last year,( June 2011) a cross stitch picture, an embroidered picture and a couple of photographs, I haven't entered anything for several years as I have been involved in judging the crafts but decided to have a year off from that so I could enter.
I'm going to sign off for now but I'll be back soon.
Nighty Night

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