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Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well not really news but a catch up on my goings on over the last couple of weeks... where does the time go??? I have every intention of posting here regularly and then suddenly its been 2 weeks and I still haven't got back to you.
I saw this the other day and thought if this be true then I must be VERY experienced!!! Quote - Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. Oscar Wilde.
So where was I, Oh yes! I remember, I was just off to Lunch at the home of my good friend Laura. Having remembered that her partner has a nut allergy, I carefully decide on a lovely strawberry trifle (Guaranteed nut free by the company), Having fended 'im indoors' off said trifle the night before (it's his all time fave pudding!!) I set off with plenty of time, because a few days previous it had been Laura's Birthday and I plan to stop en route to get some flowers. After buying the flowers, I suddenly realise that the Trifle is STILL at home in the fridge :-(((( I'm already half way to Laura's so no going back! OK I think, lets pop into another supermarket and buy another trifle, big mistake - this particular store cannot guarantee nut free trifles (or anything nut free and yummy for that matter!!) so after much hunting around the store I finally find some prepared fresh fruit which I deemed to be pretty safe. By now I am over 1/2 hour late for lunch, so decide I better phone and let her know, at this point I find the mobile is outta credit (Oh >*^>£") I finally arrive with many apologies. Lunch was wonderful, but after all that we 'forgot' to eat the fruit!!! We had a great catch up from both families and from our respective sewing lives too, plus Laura and her daughter regale me with stories from their all girls trip to Disneyland in May (lucky ducks!!!). After a lovely time I set off for home and get big grins of delight when I inform DH he can eat the trifle after all!
The following Saturday saw me off to a sewing day with 'Les Girls' at SVQ, great I thinks another Sport free day! However I had not bargained for two friends who talked of nothing but attending the Paralympics, I forgave them both of course, Sheila's daughter is attending her 3rd Olympics so look out for and support Karen Butler in the Shooting and someone called Ben ? in the 100 meter's, who is a friend of Heather's. Sewing wise I got another incubator quilt almost complete, I used the same fabrics as before, (see 9th June) and I would have completed it if I hadn't broken the needle on my machine at the last minute while doing the quilting. I added in some squares to 'eak' out the sashing fabrics and it turned out OK. I just have to finish the quilting, which I hope to do tonight.
 I can finally reveal my piece for the WPQ banner which I told you about last time, apparently I got it all wrong and they don't have to be kept under wraps till September so here it is.
This was my 'blueprint'  I downloaded the jug photo and Logo  from the BB website
these are the fabrics
and this is the finished article...
It measures 8"high x 6 1/2" wide. I machine appliqued the jug and the word blue, the embroidered the other 2 words. it's hand quilted. The stitching line across the top will not show as this is where the strip of Velcro is stitched on, this (the Velcro) will attach the piece to the main Banner and will be hidden under a narrow 'flap'. Difficult to explain but  I will post a picture of it on when we get to see the finished Banner.
Last Saturday (18th) I went off  to the FOQ, WOW!! what a show, I'm sure it was twice as big as last year, unfortunately I did not pick up a show guide so I cannot attribute most of my photos to the makers and for that I apologize, here is a selection of the quilts that really took my eye. The first 2 are from a series of quilts by Kate Findlay these were inspired by the Large Hadron Collider and were stunning examples of Contemporary Quilts, Sheila and I had a long chat to Kate who filled us full of inspiration.

These are from the large collection of Miniature Quilts which were equally as good.
A general View

1st prize Truly miniature. Approx 4" wide by 8-9" long. my picture does not do it justice!

Mariners Compass to die for!!!  approx 24" square
Beautifully pieced and quilted Celtic work, approx 24" square

and finally this one, beautiful, in monochrome colours, it had some lines of poetry in the centre which were from The Book of Love by Rumi. Which I am trying to find, if anyone knows where to find the full version I would love it if you can let me know.
We have a new Knitting shop in Thornbury, (Yaaaay!!!) Tina (the owner) is very forward looking, you can sit on a comfy sofa to knit during the day or peruse the patterns while having a coffee.  Last Monday evening she  arranged a 'Knit & Knatter' group in a local hostelry, were about 15 ladies turned up ranging from an absolute beginner to a lady who last year knitted the 'Royal Wedding' which gave us all a good laugh. I had such a good time I decided to send Tina a little card to thank her for her efforts so there I was late Monday night sat up in bed knitting this...
I decided to change the 'knobs' on the needles to pink, I used a pale pink single fold card and with the addition of some glittery card (recycled from a used birthday card) and I completed it like this.
I do hope she likes it.
Today DH has just announced he would like to take me out for lunch so we'll be off in a few minutes, then on Saturday its our anuual Cream Tea at CTQ so guess there may be an overload of Calories this week. TEE HEE:-)))

Well as they say in the Movies - That's all for today folks, thanks for visiting.

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