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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So! here we are again!!

Its been a busy few weeks 'down on the ranch' so to speak, I have packed and unpacked my Mum's antique china and most of her other belongings I might add! DH made multiple trips to the local tip/recycling yard. We laughed as rediscovered old photos and bits and bobs which brought back memories from our earlier lives, with lots of exclamations that we had forgotten all about 'that item' or 'that incident'. I cried a bit on the day I dropped an unopened bottle of red wine on the pale green carpet, I almost wanted to get down and suck it up but thought better of it and instead rushed off to borrow a friends carpet cleaner, (Thanks Jim!!) after much vacuuming there was a considerable amount of wine in the tank BUT there was also a large quantity still in the carpet and the room smelled like a brewery:-((( All this after I firmly warned Mum NOT to push the door back as there were 2 bottles of wine on the unit, whereon I turned, pushed said door firmly back hitting both bottles clean off, I did manage to break the fall of one with my foot but missed the 2nd which hit the deck with a loud smashing of glass. Plus I spent hours on the phone making sure all the various agencies and utility companies knew about the move and arranged for new carpet to be fitted before the move. On moving day (22nd) everything went smoothly, the sun shone, DD, Little H and the boys came and looked after Mum for the day, the removers turned up on time and very cheerfully completed the job with an hour to spare, nothing got broke and Mum is now installed in her lovely bungalow. The sun shone for another 2 weeks so Mum sat on her little patio while we cut the grass and tidied the garden. Now for the first time in 7 years my darling Mum can go out into her own garden and sit in the sun or hang out her laundry without having to negotiate a flight of concrete stairs at the flat... BLISS.
So what else has been happening in my neck of the woods during the last month, well as I said last time our darling little GD celebrated her 1st birthday on Sunday 8th. All that weekend DSIL and his Dad worked on a DIY project in the garden, while the 'girls' (Grandma, Mum & Aunty Susan) baked lots of super cakes shaped like Butterfly's, dragonfly's, ladybirds etc all iced in nice bright colours, there was a lovely chocolate birthday cake with pretty sugar sprinkles and a candle. (the adult food was super too!) Little H was on good form with lots of Oooohs! as she opened her many presents (ooooh! is her favourite word at the moment and is used for pretty much everything LOL) after successfully blowing out the candle, little one burst into tears until it was lit again several times. Then Grandma (I's Mum) suggested holding the cake very close to H as she sat on DD's lap, thinking it would make a good photo if she grabbed a good chocolaty handful, we waited with camera poised.... but no, H obviously has very good manners for a 1yr old, she simply reached out and picked off the sugar sprinkles one at a time and delicately ate them, to everyone's amusement. Me being me I forgot to take my camera :-(( but here is the Thank you card we received a few days later and as you can see H had a really good time
The DIY project was in fact Little ones Birthday present from Mum and Dad in the shape of some decking, now this may seem a strange gift for a 1yr old but the garden at DD's is gravel and with 2 large dogs using the garden it is easier to keep clean that way, so the deck which has a little fence around it is so H can play safely outside, you can see here how much she likes it.
I think the chair should go here Mum!!
I'll just try a spot of gardening!
On the sewing front not much has happened, well actually nothing at all has happened, after spending days packing boxes, I  came home in the evenings and collapsed in a chair in front of the TV. Though I have done some knitting, but more on that later! Thankfully I finished the little project I was making for the new WPQ banner just before the move started in earnest. The new banner is going to be lots of little quiltlets made by our members on the theme of things, people and places around Bristol, we could choose what we wanted from a list of suggestions and I chose Bristol Blue Glass I can't show you my design yet as its supposed to be kept 'secret' till September when all the little quilts will be displayed before being made into the banner, from what we have been told so far it sounds really great!
Tomorrow I'm off out to lunch with a friend, whom I haven't seen for several months, I'm looking forward to that, it will be good to talk to someone about topics that are not Sport related, so far this year DH has been glued to the Football, the Golf, the Cricket and now the Olympics! Now! I'm all for supporting our Olympic team and I am really pleased that Team GB are doing so well, and we do have a local Olympian (our neighbours GD was picked for the Judo and I have know Sally all her life and was disappointed for them all when she got knocked out, but really there is a limit to how much I want to see on TV or hear about from DH. After 37 years of married life he still can't get used to the fact that I am not into sport. Never mind I'm going for a days tuition on my new (sadly neglected) sewing machine next month, so practicing all my new learned skills will give me something to do
Well Folks that's all for this time, hopefully I'll be back soon.
Happy stitchin!
P.S. Is anyone going to the Festival of Quilts at the N.E.C, I'm going with on Saturday 18th, perhaps I'll see one or two of you there?

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