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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Young Quilters

Yesterday evening I was checking around the blogs I follow when I stumbled across a site for Young Quilters, gotta have a look at that I thought, then I thought WOW!!!! what a great site, its about time someone did something like this. I have been in contact and have permission and encouragement to put a link to here. See www.pippawardman.weebly.com 
I have long thought that perhaps the Quilters Guild would do something like this, after all they are always encouraging us to get young people sewing! You may remember that in April I took my eldest GD along with my friend H and her daughter L, to a YQ day near here - we had a great time! to the point we all cannot wait to go again. Sadly The lady teaching that day was due to retire from the post and a replacement needed to be found , well I heard today that someone has taken over and will be setting something up real soon. meanwhile i will be using a couple of ideas for DGD to use when she comes to stay later this holiday, as we are sure to be having some sewing time. If you have children or older teenagers check out this site, it even has a section for GCSE/A level students. Let me know what you think and if you let Pippa know as well I'm sure she would appreciate it.
Today was CTQ and we got quite a bit of sewing done between all of us, I will show some pictures in a later post, I just dropped by today to let you know about this 'new blog' - but as there are no pictures from today here are a couple from the Show and Tell at Last Wednesdays SVQ meeting.
Wendy with her 'Sunbonnet Sue' Quilt

Pat with 2 Pennants for 2012

See you all later

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  1. That site sounds interesting, but the link doesn't seem to be working! :-(