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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Home again!

After 2 good nights sleep (I sure forgot how crying babies can drain you of sleep, and I was not the one out of bed!) However I am feeling refreshed. I have just spoken to DSIL and things are not really getting better yet :-(( though little one has managed to put on some of the weight she lost at the beginning of the week :-)). DH and I are planning to go visit tomorrow if DD is feeling brighter.
On my last post I promised to show you my 'other new baby' which arrived a week ago, I was just getting to know her when 'the call' arrived from DD so I'm afraid she has been left resting on the ironing board all this time.
1922 Singer sewing mach
1922 Singer in original wooden case
So here she is and isn't she great? I or rather DH saw her at a local Charity fund raising event he was helping set up in the village, he came home for lunch and told me about her so..... I just had to go take a look - big mistake - HUGE! having seen the little beauty I just had to have her, so I made an offer a little above Charity Shop prices and the deal was done and home she came,. She's in very good condition though not pristine, the previous owners did not know anything about her except she came from an Elderly Aunt and had been in their garage for years following the Aunts death, as they did not know what to do with her, (shame on them) they decided to donate her to this event.  I will do my best to look after her and keep her safe. This now brings my machine collection up to 9 and counting, they are not ALL Antique exactly, but range in date from this one (1922) up to the present day with my everyday Elna being made around 2003.
What with all the excitement around the birth of H and getting a 'new' old machine I have not done any sewing this week (and not much last week either:-( but hopefully I will get back to it real soon, I have gotten the knitting bug since little one came and have now made 4 little jackets to keep her going and now I have started on some slightly bigger ones. Here's one I made earlier but I'm afraid in my excitement I forgot too take photos of the others, this is my favorite pattern, I first made this in 1970 when my DS was expected and have been using and adapting the basic garment ever since, I have made it with cables, lacy patterns, sized it  down to fit 'premmy' babies and sized it up to fit larger babies as well as using alternative yarns by adjusting the gauge/needles.
Lemon/White stripe cardigan
Right now I am making a cardigan for a little boy - this time for a friend and member of Clock Tower Quilters whose due date was 5th August, Mum had only just given up work to await his arrival and had been planning lots of coffee/lunch dates before the due date but, G had other ideas arriving last Sunday (10th) afternoon.
On a slightly different note an event is planned... Clock Tower Quilters have been invited to exhibit their work at the local church, (near to where CTQ meet) as part of a Banner/Flower Festival (2 of CTQ members are part of the banner Group, I have no idea how to publish an event on my blog so have taken a picture of the poster so I can let you all know, if anyone is near enough it would be great to meet you there on the Saturday when I will be helping with the stewarding for part of the day at least. If you would like directions 'Google' St Mary's Church, Church Road, Almondsbury. Bristol for directions/map   

Well it's 10.30pm already- how time flies when you are having fun? I will sign off for now and go to bed.
See you all again soon.

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