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Saturday, 9 July 2011

At Last!

Morning to all my friends out there in blog-land, at last I have GREAT EXCITING FABULOUS WONDERFUL (can't think of any more words to describe the feelings) NEWS to share with you all, My beautiful Gorgeous Heavenly Granddaughter has arrived safe and sound and Mother and baby are doing fine! :-))))
'H' (Yes I know! that's going to be confusing for all concerned -(2 Granddaughters with the same initial!!) decided on Thursday evening around 5pm that the time was right and dashed into life on Friday 8th July at 9.45am weighing 7lbs.2oz. exactly one week late. I do have a couple of pictures but, on DSIL's computer I haven't a clue how to get them outta my camera, so I'm afraid you will have to wait till I get home to see them, by which time I will have a few nay many more to share. There was a little teeny scare towards the end of the birth when they realised she had the cord round her neck resulting in a forceps delivery (OUCH!!) but ultimately all was well. Her paternal Grandparents rushed here by train yesterday morning and stayed over night, but have now returned home, Dad (AKA DSIL) has gone off to the hospital and I have a couple of hours to myself to get in here and pass on the good news. All Grandparents went along yesterday afternoon for our first glimpse of H and by doing a fair amount of shuffling around - only 2 visitors at a time allowed - we all managed to get in and have our first cuddles, but of course the Star of the Show didn't even bother to wake up! (But then she had been on a long journey all night) but it was amazing to just sit and hold her in my arms watching funny little expressions coming and going on her face. They may come home today if all is well with them both but it's all a bit wait and see right now. DH has yet to see her as he had to attend a funeral at mid-day yesterday, I will send more news as it arrives. Then once they are home I will make myself scarce so that they all have time to become a family unit without feeling I am looking over their shoulders all the time (Oh boy! do I remember that feeling from way back when my own first born came along :-(()
Well my friends I will sign off and do a few chores while the house is quiet, will be back real soon with some pictures.
Lorraine (AKA Granny!!)

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