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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Last Night...Was amazing!

As I said just before I left yesterday, S.V.Q were having a talk by Stephanie Crawford and she did not disappoint. A lovely lady who spoke fluently showing her work as she explained her inspiration and methods. I would say she is not a quilter in the true sense of the word but more an artist who paints on fabric, then embellishes with machine stitching and a little applique to give some depth, and WOW what a show we had. I asked her if I could take a few pictures and she said "just take as many as you want". So I snapped away and this is the result, the colour is probably not as clear as it should be as the hall windows are very high.

The pictures she is showing here are about 20" x 30" and taken from photographs taken by her husband during a holiday visit to Lindisfarne.
There were 2 large panels on show both were final pieces for her C&G which was taken in 2 parts several years apart. The first an online course, with the Kemshalls. The final piece for that was based on her memories of the 60's. Each small  panel was aboutu12" square.

I guess you need to be a certain age to remember some of the events depicted, a few of them were, the Pill, Ban the Bomb, Martin Luther King and Twiggy, while across the top were popular sayings of the era here's a close up

The black panel at the bottom states 'I was at Primary school at the beginning of the 60's and at college at the end'.
The next large piece was 3 panels and featuring memories of travelling through China on a holiday to visit her son and was the final piece for the 2nd part of her C&Gs course taken through Missenden Abbey.

The next couple of pictures are of smaller pieces which she makes as Journal quilts and are challenges set by members of a Contemporary Quilt group she is a member of.

and the final picture is an enlarged version of one of the Journals and is entitled 'Glimpses', Stephanie explained she loves perspective and likes to show glimpses of rooms seen through doorways, leaving the viewer to decide what may be happening. Very Clever!! This one is a Flower Shop, its on top of another pile of work but its edges are outlined (bound) by the narrow black and white stripy fabric.

Throughout her talk she encouraged all to 'have a go', to try out new techniques by making Journal quilts and had us all believing that we could do this, but I have my doubts. At the end we all sat in stunned silence for a few minutes before we broke for coffee and biccys.

Today I have been sewing again, I needed a bag to hang on Mum's wheelchair so I decided that rather than pay the earth to buy one I could make it!!! it actually proved a lot easier than I anticipated AND its completely reversible, I added a little tab and buttons so I can fasten it if needs be. A bit more of that furnishing fabric put to good use too!!

That's all for now so take care.

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