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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Its just as I imagined it would be!

The big build is finally over! Well actually it has been since January when I declared I was moving in! Since then and under the guidance of my good friend Lisa, a long round of painting furniture began, I cleaned, sanded (several times!) and chalk painted (2 coats!) a chest of drawers, a small cabinet and a wardrobe (PHEWW!!!) and I have to say I am pleased with the effect.  As the title suggests my 'STUDIO' is exactly as I thought it would be. So join me on the grand tour...
As you approach the room I have this cute little sign on the door (courtesy of DD at Christmas) 
then as you enter, you can see across to one of the storage areas which is in front of the sewing table as I sit at the machine. Its here I store things like threads- of all kinds, rulers and cutting mats, the tall drawer unit houses kits, trimmings, fastenings & zips, plus Vilene, bond-a-web and freezer paper rolls.
Next is the view from my 'cozy corner' showing the opposite wall.

plenty of storage here too, fabric in the chest of drawers, waddings, felt, and other craft stuff in the big cupboard (previously a wardrobe and wonderfully adapted with extra shelves by DH!!). The top of the chest of drawers works well as my ironing surface, which is basically a very large cake-board with a toweling cover, lit on darker days/evenings by a daylight lamp on top of the dresser. I decided not to keep the ironing board up here, as most of the time I will be stitching smaller things - i.e. blocks and small projects, and if I have the need to iron larger pieces then it won't be hard to bring the ironing board back in for a while. The base of the dresser houses more of the stash, while the top is my book case and a display area for some 'special' bits and pieces.

Next looking across from the large cupboard towards the cozy area. This is all kitted out with a comfy chair, it has good light from the window, and a view of the back garden, an angled daylight lamp on the windowsill brightens things up for the darker evenings, with of course a quilt to keep my knees cozy, plus the little cabinet holds the radio and makes a good place to stand the inevitable cuppa and Biccys and there's space in the recess/cupboard for the current hand sewn project plus a few odds and ends. The windowsill also displays a collection of smaller bits and pieces which I have collected over time or have had gifted to me.

Last but not least is the business part of the room where I sit and sew, from here I have a view of the road at the front of the house so I can see if visitors arrive (and keep a nosy eye on the neighbours and passers by! LOL)

I still have to cover a large heavy duty board which is designated to be my design wall, (which is currently being stored in the garage) this is going to be a two person job so a 'quilty' friend is coming over to help with that soon (Thanks Lisa! X) This will stand against the wall between the storage corner and my comfy chair. I decided not to have it fixed in position, in case I want to move it for any reason. 
That concludes the tour, I do hope you enjoyed it, now I'm off to sew - somehow this new space has given my inspiration a wonderful boost and I sew most days when I am home.
I'll try to be back soon with a round up of things made/completed since my previous post.


  1. I loved the tour. Thanks for sharing your studio.

    1. Glad you enjoyed your 'visit' Charlene.

  2. Lovely room so good when you get organised.

  3. Yes it is isn't it, hope it stays that way! Glad you dropped by. Lx