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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


This will be a picture heavy post my friends - I hope the kettle is on so you can enjoy a nice cuppa while I bring you up to date. I have to report that thanks to my very good friend Lisa (HI Lisa :-D) who came by 3 weeks ago to help with the covering of the 'design wall' using Kaffe Fasset Gridded flannel bought for the job (and purchased HERE) , -  well I say 'help' when in fact.....

....she crawled around the floor of the room for over 3 hours with staple gun in hand and did all the hard work while I stood around with a hammer, occasionally banging in errant staples that had not gone fully home and acted as Gofer. So lets hear a huge thank you to the lovely Lisa!  
So now the room really is finally completely done and as I said last time very inspiring to work in. I had some of the fabric left over so I decided to make myself a new ironing pad cover to replace the slightly grotty cover already on it.
I used an old 18" cake board that had been hanging around for ages, laying a new pad of toweling onto the fabric and centering the board on top I pulled the edges over to the back, then starting with the centre of each side I worked my way round pinning it in place. 

which allowed me to neatly fold the edges, mitre the corners and stitch into place.

and I have to say it works really well. Whoo hoo!!! 
So what else have I been doing, well I'm delighted to say that I have had several finishes.
First up I completed a small Charity Quilt from some of the Orphan blocks donated by the ladies of SVQ, I had 10 baby block panels so using 9 of them I put this together using fabric from the stash and added in some squares of shirting fabric (also in my stash)

 Next I  made a couple of bags from some donated Curtain fabric, it seemed like an easy pattern but I think there were some instructions missing in the magazine article, anyhow I got it completely wrong somewhere. Faced with taking it all apart or starting again I put it to one side and re-cut all the pieces...then didn't have enough of the fabric I really liked as the contrast and handles so I took the original apart worked out what was wrong and remade it (correctly this time!)

so what to do with all the other bits that I cut? Well I made a second bag which is slightly smaller than the first one (as you do!) They both look a bit pale here as the pictures were taken late in the day, the smaller one will make an ideal knitting project bag.

Next I needed a couple of doorstops, we installed some new (very expensive) storage type heaters during the build and the one in the lounge is behind a cupboard door and the one in here is also behind the door, both doors swing back and hit the heaters, hence doorstops! I found a pattern in a magazine for a basic 'pyramid' shaped one and then for the sewing room I found a cute pattern in 'Half Yard Heaven' written by Debbie Shore which I received in the CTQ Secret Santa. So let me introduce you too Mildred and Maud.

This is Mildred, who unfortunately was a little too small so I made another pattern quite a bit larger and this is Maud

again I used some curtain fabric (I have lots in the stash that has been there for years (after it was donated by a friend) why can I never say NO to offers of fabric????. 
Severn Valley Quilters put on a small display of work at Thornbury Arts Festival after they asked us to return (we didn't take part last year!) so here is a taste of what we showed.

Last but by no means least I have been knitting, this time 3 little jackets I was asked to make by a friend who can't knit.

this Green one is the same style as the one above but a different pattern. 

Tonight is Severn Valley's meeting when we will hear a talk entitled 'Unfolding Story' by Stephanie Crawford which is intriguing me! so I'm off to get my tea before setting off to the meeting.
Bye for now hopefully I ll be back soon.

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