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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Busy days!!!

Hello my Friends!
Here I am back again with another round up of events from my neck of the woods. Firstly let me tell you about our show, the figures are in and we had over 300 visitors through the door during the one and a half days we were open and hopefully we will have made a nice sum for whichever charity is chosen by the members. Here are a few of the quilts (and there were many) to give you a taste.

This one was huge at least 7ft long and  6ft wide and very striking, had us wondereing just how big this lady's bed might be!

All the buildings and rooftops were outlined in Silver - very effective when the light caught it.

and 3 more to round up.
In my last post I mentioned the groups15 minutes of fame, well my dears! the exhibition was filmed and some of us (including yours truly) were interviewed for Just Hands-On.TV, apparently they will be uploading it to U tube in due course and letting us know when, so as soon as I hear anything I'll give you all a shout so you can tune in to watch and see a lot more quilts.!

I entered mostly smaller pieces this time plus a couple of charity quilts, Here is my Chairman's challenge piece for 2015. We had to depict a film or book title at A4 size, I was very pleased with this but it's soo easy to guess, then I actually missed the September meeting so it didn't get entered in the voting.
The sewing room continues to take shape and as you can see I am going for a blue and white theme. I am now doing all my sewing in there, but have not yet moved everything in, getting the storage sorted seems to be the theme at the moment and I am busily painting a chest of drawers which will double up as storage and ironing board. This is where I've got to with that.

 DD has asked me to store this lovely Oak dresser for her (for around 10 years! honestly that's what she said!!! ) and suggested I could use it in my room, it has lots of cupboard space (3 Shelves) and will also be my bookcase (I seriously culled my quilting book collection obsession by selling them at the show) those left fit nicely on here and there are some shelves for my 'bits and pieces'. I am not allowed to alter the dresser and in order that the books don't scratch it I have made a runner (40" long x 11" wide) and some coasters. Here they are all ready for hand sewing the bindings down later tonight.

I am really pleased with myself as they are completely made using scraps and as wadding I used a recycled electric blanket that the wires have been removed from which is really firm, I added the strips quilt as you go style and tried for a random look. 
And here is the table, I bought an oilcloth cover and I think it looks much better, as before it just 'jumped out at me' as a large brown 'blob' when I walked in the room

Last but not least I have just spent a most enjoyable day at Clock Tower where most of us took part in a Disappearing 4 Patch workshop led by the lovely Sheila, I didn't get very far as I only found out on Wednesday that it was this month, (I thought it was in March!!!) so I spent a fair bit of time actually sewing the squares together.but once that was done I managed these 3 blocks.

I bought the majority of fabrics from Totally Patched who were traders at SVQ exhibition, and added 2 from my stash. Again I am going with the blue/white theme as this will be used in the sewing room eventually.
Right now I'm off to get myself some tea, then snuggle up with the aforementioned hand sewing in front of a movie.


  1. Very busy week! I like the runner and coasters.

    1. Hi Charlene, Thanks for popping in, glad to say all finished now. At 40" long it took ages to go round the runner! Letting the books on the dresser today.

  2. What a beautiful blog header! So many lovely quilts - rather fond of the third one down on the left and you do such lovely patchwork yourself Lorraine! Many thanks for commenting about my move. Some things are just inevitable! x

    1. Hi Suzi, Thank you for taking the time from your busy 'schedule' to visit, and for your kind words. The header is a view of a favourite place of ours where we used to holiday, it in South Devon near Exeter. Do drop by again when you have time. Lx

  3. Love your blocks they look lovely.

  4. Thank you so much! I wasn't sure I had the colour combinations quite right, but I will keep going and see what happens!

  5. I love the "buildings "quilt (my weakness for houses!), and your sheep are sweet :-)

  6. Thank you Radka.I liked the buildings too! But there were too many others l liked to pick a favourite!