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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Movin In!

I actually started this post over a week ago but got sidetracked - as you do! This time by an attack of the flu, not me but DD. Little H was coming for a 2 night sleep over and ended up staying for a week while DD
spent her time in bed feeling gross. But now I'm back so here goes
Slowly but oh so surely I am beginning to move into my new sewing room, I'm taking my time as I want to get it right, I have been sewing in there on and off since Christmas but now the time has come to tackle the BIG MOVE. I have several pieces of  furniture to paint, and this is a new experience for me, as I'm not really allowed to do painting as DH reckons I do not have a steady enough hand. (the cheek!) But this is my chance to make my sewing room my own and so I am sticking to my guns and going for it
Here are before and after pictures of the cabinet, which I am going to use as a side table in my comfy corner
I remember this being made by my Darling Dad over 60 years ago so it's a nice reminder of him, but I wanted to bring it up to date hence the paint job, you can also see the lovely DAB radio bought for my room by DD and DS at Christmas

next is a picture of one of the the storage areas  
which is in front of the lovely table that I picked up for a steal in a charity shop, iths 5ft long and 3 ft 3" wide but extends to either 6ft or 8ft by the addition of 2 extra panels, here it is before I added the storage units
 last but not least this is my 'comfy corner' which completes this side of the room except for a design board which is still under construction (um! I mean in the garage waiting to be covered with fabric!) where I plan to sit and do my hand sewing, this is positioned under the rear window to make the best of the light, the teddy bear is hand knitted (but not by yours truly) and is to be given to a new baby who arrived last week but he was determined to get in on the act

Well I guess that's it for this time, I'll be back as soon as I can with a report from Severn Valley Quilter's
recent exhibition when exciting things happened and we got our 15 minutes of fame
Byee for now
P.S. Something really weird is happening to this post I can't fathom out what I'm doing wrong but please excuse the ropey formatting Lx

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