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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Welcome back lovely readers,
To continue from last time -  After our girls left on Monday I managed my 15 minutes of play and produced another 6" block.

then in the evening I was off to Westbury Park Quilters with Carys, we were not sure what to expect as the programme simply said 'Videos from Missouri Star Quilt Company with Alison'. The weather was to say the least inclement so we did not expect many to turn out, but we had a full room and settled down to watch, Alison explained these were quilting videos from U tube and it was going a to be a bit like being at the cinema so we should all eat popcorn, and produced a little bag of popcorn for each of us :-))) Well my friends if you have never seen these video Tutorials on U tube go have a look here they are great fun (but be warned you can get carried away and watch for much longer you intend too!!!) the quilts are amazing and sooo easy to make. We saw a Disappearing Pinwheel block which produced a secondary pattern of Churn Dash, a Disappearing Hourglass was used to make a star pattern and then 1/2 square triangles, all made really quick quilts and the popcorn was yummy! One video of 'Square in a Square I recognized as I used this method previously to make this, it's called 'Bears in Squares' with some sashing and borders added and I made a floor quilt for little H a couple of years ago.
I bought some small pieces of fabric to go in the 'I spy' quilt I am planning and some nice pins from the sales table.
I got some raffle tickets one of which was a winner (whoo hoo!) and I won this cute little kit which I shall have fun stitching one evening.
Today after a busy morning I spent the afternoon up here making a start on cutting squares for the I Spy project, so far I have 10 different ones cut so hopefully tomorrow will see me cutting a load more, I found some nice bright green fleece fabric which may be enough to make the backing so we are getting on quite well to be ready for Saturday at CTQ.
Well now its bedtime so I'll make the cocoa, fill my 'hottie' and be off.
Night! Night!

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