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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hexies - Hex-a-long Tutorial

Yes Folks this is it! To Celebrate 10 years of blogging I'm going to attempt a A TUTORIAL. As some of you will know I love doing hexagons and have several projects 'on the go', from miniatures to large part completed quilts that have been passed on to me over a few years. If you would like to join in then follow along, you don't have to make small ones like mine just print off a Hexagon size you feel comfortable with. If you are taking part leave me a comment and send me a link to your blog so I can enjoy seeing what you make. I'll do it over several posts so you have time to get things together.
Hex-a-long Part 1
Settle yourself down with a nice cuppa this is a picture heavy post!!!
First assemble the 'tools of the trade'
you will need some pins & 2 sizes of needle (a larger one for tacking and a finer one for the sewing together. I use teeny applique pins as they don't get in the way when tacking. For tacking thread I use up leftovers on my bobbins and a spool of  a Neutral colour for sewing together, a needle threader and a thimble are useful . Add 2 small pairs of scissors one for paper and one for Fabrics.
and a little pin cushion, yes! it's a Hexie one of course
plus the all important fabric scraps the more varied the better, include prints and solids gauging the size of the prints by your chosen hexagon size.
All of this is kept in a small box so that it's all ready when I 'get the urge' or when I'm dashing off and need a hand-sewn project to take with me.
Firstly prepare your papers you can find some ready to print ones HERE or HERE which are very useful and saves all that drawing round a template, I print off several sheets at a time using recycled A4 paper, it's important to use the same printer throughout each project (I have 2 printers and they print off at slightly different sizes)
I usually spend an evening in front of the TV cutting these out and if I'm honest I quite enjoy this process! Store them by size in poly bags with a little label - they need to be accurate and as you can see I cut exactly on the outside of the lines.
Now before we go any further I will leave you time to get this far, so pop by again in a few days and we'll start to sew.
Have fun


  1. came over from Vicki's list am following you now

    1. Thank you for 'joining me' Barbara, hope you have fun. I hope to 'do the list tonight'.

  2. Hi Lorraine! Another great tutorial. Makes me think I should quilt! I hope you're enjoying the Grow Your Blog hop :)

  3. Hi Jade, Great blog! hope you start quilting soon its really great!