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Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello again!

A Very Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and to anyone who may happen by here, I do hope you all enjoyed the December and new year 'festivities' however you celebrated. I can't believe it's well over a month since I last posted here, but time flies so fast. I finally got all the Christmas present shopping done with a week to go, but I'm afraid most of the 'edible goodies' were provided from the retail sector again this year!! I used to do most of the baking etc but we have found that we actually prefer to buy it these days, shocking I know but you have to go with family preferences, and it does leave more time for crafting so there is a payoff in that department.
Christmas here was going to be a family day with everyone coming to me, I had it all planned, but fate had other ideas, on 23rd I get a call from DD to say that DSIL was unwell, so unwell in fact that she took him to A&E where he was rapidly admitted suffering from what appeared to be appendicitis, turns out he has multiple Gall stones which had moved and blocked his Pancreas and Liver causing toxic shock, we were told not too expect him home for Christmas, but after intensive intravenous antibiotics he was allowed home at around 3.30pm on Christmas day - much to the delight of one little 3 year old. Thankfully he is continuing to improve but looks quite frail for someone who is over 6ft tall. We had little H here to stay for a couple of days to give him chance to rest, she has been so very good through all of this, it's been a rough time for her during 2014 with her Mum being hospitalized in April, then starting at the childminder's having not been away from home before and now this with her Daddy.
On a much brighter note the building regulations have now come through so we can soon make a start on the NEW SEWING ROOM whoooo hoooo!!!!  Am I excited you Bet I am. 
I am still using the temperamental laptop so there are no new pictures again, the sewing room looks like a bomb hit it as it was used as a 'dumping ground' throughout the holidays for all the things we didn't know what to do with and I can only just get in there so the main computer is a bit out of action for now. Hopefully now we are getting back to normal I can get in there and have a massive tidy up. I have decide NOT to make any resolutions as such, but hopefully I can get more sewing done this coming year. On the knitting front I have finished the back of the Aran sweater for DH and started the front, I made 3 doll cardigans for H's 'babies', but they were all a bit small, I had to use quite bit of guesswork as they were supposed to be a surprise from Santa. I am currently having another try as she has 'ordered' 3 more. Her faith in my ability to perform 'knitting miracles' never fails to amaze me!
Well it way past my bedtime so I'll be signing off.
bye for now


  1. hope the health issues are soon resolved ... and of course your granddaughter thinks you can do ANTYHING!!.. that's your job xx Hope 2015 gets better x

  2. Hi Diane,
    Good to hear from you, and thank you for your message, I am still 'plugging away' at the Doll clothes, finally found a pattern that seems to work. DSIL is improving tho only very slowly!