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Sunday, 2 November 2014

This week I have.....

...been quite busy, on Wednesday evening it was Severn Valley Quilters when the members were making a 7 pocket bag, I was helping to run the workshop so did not make one myself  but I have the fabrics ready and plan to make one at some point. Since then I have finished the embroidery on the contemporary Kantha wall-hanging begun at Malvern last week (see previous post ), and with the weather really warm on Friday, I was able to sit in the conservatory and complete the hand quilting on the last row of my Row Robin quilt (see post on 24th October). I have already decided which fabrics to use for the binding and hope to cut that and start sewing it on during the coming week and there has been some progress on the Big Sweater project. 
On Saturday I met up with Laura for a day at the World Textile Day West. This was the first time it has been held in the Bristol area. We had a great time looking around the various Traders and buying a few items, I got some lovely fabrics and threads  from the African Fabric Shop with which I plan to use to make another Kantha wall-hanging, (a sort of India meets South Africa project!) and some new earrings made in South America from Tukuru Textiles. (photos later) There were two lectures on the theme of the 'Spirit of the Cloth', the morning one by Martin Conlan of Slow Loris Textiles, and the second one after Lunch was with John Gillow, both of whom have an in depth knowledge of the the textiles they were showing from the minority tribes of China and from the Islamic world respectively. I'm teaching a Shadow Quilting workshop at the next Severn Valley meeting and can't find the pieces I made some years ago so I guess I will have to make some new ones.
I'll be back soon with some photos of the above, when I can take them in daylight.
Byee for now

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