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Monday, 27 October 2014

More inspiration.... Oh Dear!... will there ever be enought time?

Well friends, this will be the 2nd time I have been back here in 7 days, which as you all know is not like me at all! But...
On Saturday I set off for Malvern with the lovely Sheila, Laura and Lisa, we left early in order to sign up for some workshops. Originally I was going to do three W/S's during the day but then decided it would not be fair to 'abandon' Lisa for several hours as this was her first major English show and it would not give me chance to look round. So starting the day with a cuppa and a bacon butty we split up to have a look round, wandering round the traders with Lisa I stopped at Sadie Yeoman's stand (Cornerhouse Crafts from Worcs.) and found the pattern for the red-work Christmas bunting for the same price as the class I had planned to do! The workshop I settled on was Kantha Embroidery with the lovely Jane Davies. I did a workshop with her last year (see post on 5/11/13) and she is a very easy tutor to work with, very much encouraging students to 'do their own thing', This time it was no different, we started with a set of her lovely hand dyed fabrics and thread, this was my fabric pack.
First up Jane explained a little about Traditional Kantha going on to say that this class was a little different and used a more contemporary style of Kantha (she also said it was better done while enjoying a glass of good cider - but I haven't tried that yet LOL) I had taken along my other piece, remember this?
to ask if she thought I had it right and she said that I was definitely on the right lines! She then proceeded to show everyone in the class!!! one of whom asked if she could take a picture of it (my ego was well an truly polished here!!) Jane very kindly said we were allowed to photograph her work as long as we kept the pictures for our personal use!
 She soon had us working, first selecting and placing fabrics, before pinning and tacking them in place, we then started adding stitches using the wonderful thread, here are some of the ladies at work
By the end of the class I had managed to get this far....
Then having got home, after a cuppa and something to eat I started sewing again, then did a little more last night and again today after DD and Little H left to go home... I am completely hooked and can't wait to get it finished. I have even thought of a title for it, think I will call it 'Konteporary Kantha' It now looks like this.....
The Centre
The Top - I think! but I may change my mind about that!
Full View

I guess when my Darling Grandmother used to say that pride comes before a fall she was right, I read and re-read my last post before publishing it here and at no point did I spot the mistake in the 'BIG' sweater project, the error in the cable pattern was the same as the last one (a C4b instead of C4f) it stands out a mile in the photographs I showed you. How I would like to know, can I make the same mistake twice!!!! So having got up at 6 o'clock today to let the dog out, (Mr T is staying the week and when he wants to get up I get up!!) I had to unpick 34 rows to get back to the mistake :-o and by 8.30 I had successfully picked up the stitches and knitted 12 of the rows back up.  Guess I will have to concentrate more..

Well It's time to sign off,


  1. well... concentration does help xx lol x how many times have we all been there I wonder xx So glad you had a goos time x I LOVE the Malvern shows xx

  2. Hi Diane, always there with just the right comments as always thank you, the knitting is now progressing!!