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Friday, 24 October 2014

My Heart Goes Out

To the residents of Ottawa and all Canadians following the dreadful happenings in the Parliament building this week. I visited Ottawa in 2006 with my Daughter and we had taken the tour of the building, I had stood in the very halls where the shootings had happened. I could not believe what I was seeing on the newsreels. I send heartfelt thoughts to all affected by this terrible act and too all Canadians wherever they are.

On a brighter note I have had a great week, I have done some more hand quilting on the 'aged project' tho it's now too cold to sit in the conservatory, but I only have one row to finish quilting.
I was only going to do one set of diagonal stitching to this row but thought it needed a bit more, so I decided to do a couple of rows going in the opposite direction to see how it looked and I'm really glad I did. I really like the way it seems to give the appearance of  1/4 triangles to the fabric squares so I am going to complete the row this way. I have used a variegated thread which I hope works well with all the pinks. hopefully I can find some good light as I really want to get this finished.
 Secondly I have now done enough of 'the sweater' to see the pattern properly, and I'm very pleased with it so far.

Even if I had to unpick 4 rows today as I spotted a 'cable 4 back' where there should have been a 'cable 4 front'!!!
Then on wednesday after coffee with the lovely Lisa we went off to the The Wool Stop to look at yarns, her sewing machine has become proper poorly since she arrived here and has been sent off to the Machine Doctor, like all of us she misses having something crafty to do and so wants to try her hand at knitting. That done we decided to get lunch at the pub (is this becoming a habit I wonder?) then after collecting her children from school she gave me a lift back home. There waiting for me I found a largeish box that had arrived by post while I was out. I was not expecting any parcels so had no idea what it contained, I took it off to the workroom to open and got called to the phone and then in a 'senior moment' I forgot about it. Later on I went upstairs to have look and what a lovely surprise, I had been sent some freebies from The Knitting Gift Shop. I then remembered putting my name and address in a box on their stand at the  Bristol Wool Fair in August for some free yarn, as I hadn't heard anything I assumed I had not been drawn out but Whoo HOO look at this lot.....
It is all Sirdar Yarns but I like those anyway so I really felt like it was my birthday!! the colours of some are lovely and I feel a few new project/s coming on.
There was 3 balls of this which will make quite a few premmie garments for my charity.
there are two balls of each colour of this one - which is Sirdar Escape Chunky and there just happens to be a pattern for a gorgeous Chunky Cowl in my new Let's Knit Magazine which arrived today! Last but not least is this grey/green Aran,(the picture does not do the colour justice) tho I am not sure what I will use it for
Well my friends I am going to sign off for this time, the lovable Ted is here again enjoying the benefits of 'Grandma's Spa' and as he is convinced it's his tea time he keeps coming over and nudging me with his wet nose so I better go and feed him and also give some thoughts to feeding DH as well!!!
See you all again next time

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