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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Well I'm finally back here!

And what a time we have had since I last talked to you all, since then our world has been turned upside down. Let me start at the beginning, in the last week of March DD complained that she'd had pins and needles in her right hand for a couple of weeks, she said DSIL thought she had a trapped nerve and I suspected Carpel Tunnel syndrome not serious I advised 'but if it worsens you can have a small operation to correct it'.
The numbness started to spread rapidly but after 4 visits to Doctors over the next 2 weeks all they came up with was she either had a trapped nerve or a viral infection of her nervous system and it 'could get worse before it gets better, but they would refer her for an MRI scan. Then on 7th April I get a call at 7am to ask if I can go and stay a day or two, on my arrival she explained that she had now lost ALL feeling on her right side (from her neck to her toes), was in a lot of pain and had to stop driving. After yet another Dr's appointment that day, he still said the same thing, 'that until she had a scan they would not know what was causing it, but as she could walk and her speech was not affected it was not considered urgent'.
When her partner came home he was rightly furious that nothing was being done, by now DD could no longer lift little H or carry out even simple tasks (she is right handed)  The following day she again rang the surgery, and got yet another appointment this time DSIL went along too! This time the (different) Dr made some enquiries at the hospital, it turned out DD had not been put on the list at the hospital for a scan as even tho the Health Centre had faxed a referral (and had proof that it was sent!) for an MRI, but the hospital had no record of receiving it!!!! 
So they were sent straight to A&E with a letter, she called me later to say they had admitted her in the hope they could get her into the scanner ASAP. The next day following an MRI scan and a Lumbar Puncture the results came back with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, it now seems that when she suffered a long bout of Labrynthitis last July (see post 7th July) and a serious eye problem earlier this year, that both of these were caused by the MS. As you can appreciate this has been a blow to us all, she was discharged from hospital on 10th after a large dose of steroids via a drip, and had 2 more over the next 2 days including 1 on her birthday! Since then we have been trying to come to terms with all of this news they will be ableto tell us more after the final test results on 19th this of month (just 3 days before their wedding)
On a much brighter note the plans for their wedding are going along nicely and it is good to have something to focus on other than her health. It is to be a very low key wedding in her words, she 'just wants to go and get married then come home for a small party/barbeque in the garden (weather permitting) tho there have been some requests so last weekend found me making 40 mts of bunting for their Garden!! Nothing fancy just lots (and LOTS) of scraps and some Ric Rac braid and a marathon on the machine.
3 mts for the pergola

some with Chickens (for Hannah)
some with Cows for DD
and some various plaids (DSIL has a Scottish heritage)

As you can see I did have great fun finding fabrics, some I'd had for years, some polycotton, and some for fun! I simply made a template and then cut it all out with pinking Shears.
We did have a lovely Easter the weather was glorious and we spent Monday afternoon at DD's for Tea and Cakes, little H does not have a lots of chocolate stuff so no eggs were to be bought, (tho I believe the other Grandparents didn't resist buying some!) we asked DD if there was anything H would like - turns out she would like to be a fairy so 'she can do magic!!', so a fairy outfit it was!! here she is 'doing magic' and holding her newest 'baby', a knitted Ballerina Doll (sent by our neighbour. 

I hope to take lots of pictures at the wedding so if I don't see you all before then have a good time whatever you are up to.


  1. fingers crossed that all goes well on the day ... I am in awe of all that bunting!!

  2. Thank you Dianne, I am quite proud of it myself, will take some pics of it hanging up on the day!