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Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Fabulous Day was had by all!

Well what a lovely time we all had yesterday on the occasion of DD's Wedding, despite the weather (which was grey & wet.) We managed to get into the Registry Office, out after the ceremony and home without getting more than just damp and the only difference the weather made to the whole Glorious proceedings was that we had to spend the day inside! The room where the marriage ceremony was held was 'small but perfectly formed' with the Bride and Groom positioned throughout the whole ceremony in such a way that everyone could see all that was happening! The celebrant did ask that there be only one photographer during the proceedings and that 'duty' fell to I's Mum who has the better camera, she also took most of the pictures for the rest of the day so in due course when I get some copies I will be able to share them with you, in the meantime these are the ones I managed to get. I apologize for the quality of the 1st one, I am now certain that I either need a new camera or I have to learn to use the one I have properly (and wear my specs when operating it!) so here goes...
Bride, Groom & Little H tasting her first 'Champagne' (Elderflower cordial)
Cutting the Cake
The cakes. All heart shaped, graduating shades of lemon from top with lace ribbon and silk flowers
Bunting and floaty balloons all around the kitchen
and all along the hallway (Groom's Mum in foreground
It was altogether a really lovely day and went exactly as they had planned which was a very personal ceremony with just the close families followed by a family party at their home afterwards. They made their own wedding cakes and did all the catering... perfect :-)))
I've been to Clock Tower Quilters today and made 2 more more squares for Little H's Wall hanging, these are what I've made so far, there is of course still the embroidery to do to bring definition to the pictures.

Then when looking at my paper work 'plan' to start the next block I realized that I had managed to somehow get 2 squares with the same background colour next to each other, sooo after a huge discussion about how I could change things around to make it right, finally, (thank you to my wonderful quilty friends) we came up with this arrangement, the space in the centre will be filled with a panel of the sashing fabric onto which I will put her name I will use the same alphabet but make them slightly larger.

On the Knitting front I have joined the Mystery Afghan Knit-along which is proving to be great fun. I discovered it when I was looking in on Radka's Blog by which time the project was already at Week 3 but I decided to go for it. I am not using the specified yarn, instead I'm having great fun choosing colours from my stash, but also using it as an excuse to buy some more yarn.... soooo! while visiting my local bargain store earlier this week I just had to have some of this,WELL! it was only £3.29 a pack - trouble was I had to buy 4 balls to get the one I need for the project. Shhhhh!!!! please don't tell I'm supposed to be reducing my stash of yarn not increasing it,
These are the colours I bought - see what I mean who could resist??
Week One - 3 of each colour completed (the mid blue and pink is from the stash so I did start with good intentions!!)
Week Three (I got the sheets mixed up!) - 2 completed in this colour
I guess I will have to keep knitting in my sleep to catch up but hey! that's half the fun.
Lastly but by no means least DD had her appointment with the consultant on Thursday re her recent diagnosis and things are not quite as bad as we first feared, her brain is not too badly affected and they think the physical problems could be controlled by self administered drug therapy, she will need to learn to inject herself weekly, following which there may be a couple of days when the drug will make her feel a bit unwell, but apart from that she should be able to lead a 'normal life'. This good news came the day before the wedding and soo helped us enjoy their day more than we all thought.
Well that's all for this time folks so I'll see you all again soon.
Lorraine x


  1. so glad it all came together for their Big day xx .. and that hopefully there is a way to keep her well x

  2. Thank you Dianne, it was all really super and just what we needed!!