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Thursday, 6 March 2014

More from the show!

Just thought as I had a minute or two before the Girls & boys arrive (DD & Little H plus Monty & Ted)
That I would share a few more pictures from the show so without further ado....
Little & large - Sheila Butler
Doll - Joan Bowie
Indian elephant- patchwork & applique cushion - Ellie Kenny - hopefully a quilter in waiting
Ellie was the winner of the 11 - 13 category at Alveston Flower Show where we sponsor 2 trophies for young stitchers.

Sashiko Koi Carp - Lorna Henshaw
Textured Cushion  - Pat Owen
Macintosh Rose -  Gaynor Garnish
Christmas Table Runner - Pat Owen
While 'babysitting' the quilts overnight I did some stitching on my Kantha Piece it's slow progress and I'm not sure my stitching is up to it and not sure if it's a labour of love now (or an obsession to finish it eventually:-))
Filling in the butterflies
I put in some Woven wheels.

That's all for today I think I can hear the dulcet tones of little our one!


  1. Love the Koi!!!! The butterflies are so sweet!!!

  2. Thanks Doreen, as I said its either an obsession or perhaps I simply refuse to give up