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Monday, 3 March 2014

Busy Monday!

Now Mondays are usually a quiet day for me in that I don't usually achieve anything much, I just sorta d...r... i... f... t through the day, we have a snack lunch then I drift some more - you get the drift! (Sorry couldn't resist the pun!) But today was different I felt like sewing so off to the workroom I went - well to put it mildly it was a mess! I dumped loads of stuff in there on my return from the quilt show and had simply not got round to sorting it all out as I have been decidedly 'off colour' for over 2 weeks! Now I'm not asking for sympathy but I was proper poorly! Then on Saturday after some strong antibiotics (which gave side effects almost worse than being ill!!) I felt BETTER!! Yay!! So today I set out with a purpose and have cleared the mess. I resolved while tidying to try to clear some UFO's and PHD's and decided to start with the first bag that came out of the pile, in which I found a stained Glass project. I bought this greeting card at Malvern and I thought at the time it would make a lovely Stained Glass project, but that was as far as I got.

Card design - a photo of a Pilkingtom Tile from the early 20th Century (original size of card 6.5"square)
Then in early 2009 I was asked to run a workshop on Stained Glass so a sample was needed and remembering the card I set to. To make a pattern I photocopied the card to get a black & white image which I used to trace the design. This tracing was enlarged on a photocopier and I eventually I got it to around 11.5" x 13" which I decided would be a suitable size for a wall hanging. This piece then became the workshop sample and following  the workshop I put it away till now. I have previously tried to hand quilt it but was not having much success so today I set to on the machine and got this far..
I outlined all the bias strips inside and out and if I say so I am quite pleased with it...
I shall find something to bind it with -not sure what colour yet though and then I will be able to put it up somewhere.
Next time I shall tell you about our workshop at Severn Valley last Wednesday when we made felted beads with Sue Wakefield.
Byee for now

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