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Saturday, 1 March 2014

A visit to the Museum

Following an invitation earlier this week, I set off yesterday for Thornbury Museum to meet up with some friends and view the 'Chambers Quilt' which is currently on loan to the museum and which is part of their 'Stitches in Time' Exhibition running till April, There is an interesting display of antique sewing/knitting related items from the Museum's store rooms which do not see light of day very often due to their age and delicate nature and the quilt is the stunning centre piece of the exhibition. To my surprise it was a formal but relaxed afternoon, the Mayor of Thornbury and her consort were there as were several members of the Family who own the quilt, and there was Tea & Cake, so the afternoon was all the more enjoyable! The Chambers Quilt (actually it's a coverlet but...) is believed to have been made to raise funds to help build a new Vicarage some time in the late 19th century. This beautiful hand embroidered, hand made quilt has lain undiscovered for around 100 years. The Family of the original owner were clearing some out buildings on a Family property when they came across a box full of 'rags', luckily before throwing it into a skip they looked through the top layers and saw some red & white fabrics, on further inspection they discovered this stunning quilt.  If you live near enough and have some time for a visit do come along it's well worth the effort, there are plenty of places to eat, some nice shops and plenty  interesting places to see on the Heritage Trail in our lovely town and all with free parking.
Last time I promised a pictures of my Gloves so here they are

along with 3 'Hats for the Homeless' I've made as part of the latest Charity project at The Wool Stop
This is the last of a batch of 12 knitted over the last few weeks and hopefully they will keep someone warm.
I thought as I was here I would show you a few more quilts from 'the show' last weekend. In the 'Best in Show/ Visitors Choice' the votes are in and counted and the winner notified ... it was the stunning William Morris in La Belle Jardin by Anne Boyce, and I'm sure you don't mind another look....
and here are a few more for your delight
Autumn Glory - Joyce Prothero
French Braid - Hilary Walsh
 Dancing in Dreamtime - Arlene Lane
Basketball Crazy - Gaynor Garnish
Gracie's Quilt - Carole Leat
This is the lovely Louise Boyce (Daughter of Anne ) demonstrating her work using a felting/embellishing machine.

Some of her items for sale
and finally - today has been a beautiful day and I hope that Spring is finally on its way, looking at the Rockery this morning I certainly hope so the snowdrops and Crocus are out and there are even some daffs well on the way to bursting into flower.(This was taken around 7.30am just before the sun came out, (and Yes! I was out there in my Jammies!!!)
See you all again soon....


  1. Lovely quilts thank for showing them.

  2. Thank you! I love to share our members work they are such a talented bunch.