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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome 2014

Hello to all my friends, wishing you all you wish yourself for the coming Year.
Welcome also to my newest follower the lovely Beverley from Australia who was my swap partner for the Christmas Stocking swap
I have been a VERY slow blogger for the last 6 weeks or so but I have not been idle, subsequently this will be an almost Wordless Wednesday post to try and catch up.
During November I worked on my swap project which was finished just in time (phewww!) and popped in the post, sadly I forgot to take a photo of the stockings I made, but the ones I received from Beverly contained some pretty fabric 'goodies' and looked lovely hung in my dining room.
 November also saw the Christmas meeting at SVQ where we made felt 'Rocking Robins' with Heather
At the CTQ Party we sewed all morning and ate for most of the afternoon before exchanging 'Secret Santa' gifts, and I received a lovely notebook, which I plan to use for notes on my knitting projects.
At the end of  November I went to the West of England Quilt show with Sheila, I have to say we were both a little disappointed tho. Following Lunch we set off for Midsomer Quilting to get a few small purchases. They were running their 12" x 12" exhibition which was wonderful, the theme was Film Titles, I took some shots of ones that caught my eye, and voted for my favorite 3. The 15 most popular Quilts will go on to their main exhibition at Radstock Museum running from February 1st till May 31st.
Mary Poppins by De Pickford
'Jungle Book' Kaa - Trust in Me! by Lynne Clement
'ET' by Bridget Thorne
'Chicken Run' by Sue Daniels
'Field of Dreams' by De Pickford 
'ET' Portrait by Clare Passmore
This was followed in December by the party at WPQ where I led a workshop on 'Christmas Pyramids, with help from DH we made a simple 'tree' with a small fallen branch to display them, I then planned to use it as decoration for my fireplace (see below). Here are a few of the ones I made

In the same week it was Party Time at  SVQ and a Christmas Lunch with the Girls from Knit & Knatter.
Then suddenly it was the run up to Christmas, I had not made any serious preparations this year which was not like me at all so no homemade goodies, and if it hadn't been for a well known Supermarket chain we would not have had a cake or Puds, then to top it off  DH said he preferred the shop bought ones! Oh well! I guess that means a few hours extra sewing time in October (when I usually do all my Christmas Cooking) My darling 2yr old GD was getting a 'baby' for Chrismas so we decided to give her a cot for the baby to sleep in. I still have the wooden drop side Doll's cot made for me by my father when I was 4yrs old. DD had played with it when she was little and we thought it would be nice to pass it on, so with a fresh coat of paint by DH and some sewing from me this was the result.

We received the best news of all in Early December when DD and her partner announced that they will be getting married at the end of May Whoooo hoooo! In their honour I put the decorations up earlier than usual to the delight of a one small girl, so here are some shots of my festive 'Grotto's
the Conservatory
The fireplace
Well that sums up the end of 2013, I look forward to talking to you all again in the coming weeks, I have not made any new resolutions except to lose weight for that 'wedding', but hopefully I will continue to stick to the ones I made last year which is to finish a few more PHD's and not to buy any more fabric for at least for 6 months OR till I have used A LOT of what I already have 'in stock'. 
Take Care all
See you soom


  1. OK.. I will let you off .. you HAVE been busy xx How wonderful to pass on the cot .. all new and refreshed xx Wonderful news about the wedding as well x

    1. Thanks Dianne, can't wait for the big day though both DD and future DSIL are playing it reall cool!

  2. A wonderfully sweet post!!! I do believe that there were very many who felt that Christmas came before preparations were complete/started!!!! Not to worry....there's next time...............Hugs...................

    1. Thank you for your kind words, I'm well prepared this year I have just completed my 1st Christmas project for 2014!!!