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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Crafty Head is back on !!!

Thought I would pop in before lunch to show you this...my completed 15 minutes of play (and in a more realistic colour)
I managed to get the binding on this in time for Westbury Park Show & Tell last night in the hopes that someone could tell me what I did wrong! After I finished free machine quilting which I was fairly pleased with, I looked at the back, and was confronted with this....a LOOPY back.
I was told that I was not sewing fast enough:-0 so if this is correct hopefully after a LOT more practice it should improve!
Today I have most of the morning to myself and in an effort to complete some more PHD's I did some more embroidery on my Sheep picture (SVQ 25th Birthday Workshop) I have all the legs, feet, and tails done now so not much more to do. 
I would like to have it finished in time for the forthcoming Severn Valley exhibition in February when they will all go on show together. I am not sure if I shall frame it (as per instructions) or make a cushion by adding some borders. I have made some progress on my knitted gloves and I have to say I am really proud of teaching myself to knit on 4 needles even if they get in a tangle from time to time, I have even dealt with dropped stitches from time to time (always a panic moment for me usually!!)
and I just LOVE the way all the fingers are coming out different colours. I will end up with a pair of 'odd' gloves which really appeals to my wicked side LOL
At Westbury Park our workshop was making Felt Beads, I did not make any last night, but I bought a little kit and will have a go at home, Sue the tutor is doing the same workshop at SVQ in February so I may surprise her with a necklace.
Well better go and cook lunch, I'm off to DD's in Gloucester later to help her out with her Slimming World Group this evening. Did I tell you all she decided to become a SW counselor last September, after losing 61/2 stone (91pounds) in the last year, her group has been relatively small then last week 20 new members turned up (HELP she cried!!!).
Bye for now


  1. Im not going to look at the back of your quilt .. and the front looks great to me xx

    1. Ok Dianne don't look but if you dare take a peek - at CTQ last Saturday one of the girls decided it looks like Lazy daisy stitch, so that's gonna be my excuse! LOL