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Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello my Friends

Well  I have received the details of my swap partner and this time I've gone 'international' and the lovely Beverly has contacted me all the way from Oz, she apparently has no particular leaning toward any specific colour so I am free to 'do my own thing'. I have selected some fabrics that caught my eye in 'the stash' and suffice to say that construction is under way. Of course I can't show anyone yet but I really like what I have chosen so watch this space as they say.
Wednesday was spent (Shhhhh) Shopping as I went of on a jolly trip with Wesbury Park Quilters to the lovely Lady Sew & Sew in Henley on Thames, who had an open day at their warehouse, we were warmly welcomed with tea or coffee then had a talk about 'gadgets & gizmos', then it was time to shop. I set off with really good intentions NOT TO BUY FABRIC... I even had a list but somewhere along the way the fabric elves gremlins got me and instead of getting only the 3 small items on my list I came home with a carrier bag full of goodies. First up this was the bag
 not too big I agree and when you look inside there are these
the original 3 items on my list, 3 metres of Vilene iron on stabilizer, a new fabric marker pen and some new blades for the rotary cutter all of which were bought by the time we had lunch, following lunch we had another talk this time about waddings and believe me when I tell you the Lovely Vanessa really knew her wadding, so if you are in any doubt about which to use give her a call and she will help you out. There was enough time for some more browsing before we headed back to the coach and I think it must have been while I was relaxing and listening to the talk that they got to me (the gremlins I mean) and by the time they had finished their work my bag contained these....
A selection of blues (I had to have these for my new bag Honest!)
Oh and this one!!!
Some yarn (well I do need a new scarf for winter!)
a couple of journals (they were in the sale and such a bargain!)
Then... just as I thought I really had spent more than enough, this simply jumped out on me and I had to have 1/2 mtr of each for Little H who is completely dotty about Maisie Mouse, so she will be getting a cushion for her playroom and a little dolly's quilt for the new 'baby' she's getting at Christmas (but that's all a secret so don't tell will you!)
Well I guess that all for this time so I'll be off.
See you soon

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  1. I spied a beautiful paisley......and it's blue (my fave!!!). I think you showed a 'ton' of restraint!!! LOL! My "damages" would have been........well, I'll let that go! Happy sewing!!!!! Hugs........