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Friday, 6 September 2013

Coaster Swap Reveal

A few days ago I heard from my swap partner Irene that she has received the coasters I made during the swap, so now I can share them with you and not spoil the surprise so here they are!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the backs, which had to be pieced and even though I claim that  'I do't do small piecing' I must say they came out OK.
Then yesterday the postman knocked and I received my parcel from Irene...whoo hoo! inside the envelope was this pretty card from the Norfolk Broads (she lives near Great Yarmouth) some Quilt Labels fabric...

and my set of coasters which look like this.....

all beautifully hand embroidered and REALLY pretty colours, this time I have taken a picture of the backs too so you will have some idea of the type of thing I did.
aren't they great? I ask who would want to stand their coffee on them, they may get spoiled? :-(
Well time is going on and tomorrow I have to be at the local Flowers Show to A) enter my exhibits and B) help set up a small display for SVQ, I shall then spend the afternoon talking to nice people and demonstrating my 'skills' LOL. so I best go and find a few things for the display plus something to sew and pray for good weather as our stand is in a Marquee, so too hot and I'll swelter or raining and cold - I could get damp or freeze. 
Be back soon!


  1. The coasters are so pretty! xx

  2. Thank you Maggie, they're far to nice to put my coffee cup on tho,suppose I spill it, they'll get all messy.