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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Another day, another finish!!!

Yes folks, I seem to be churning em out of late! perhaps the 'sewing drought' is over. You may remember I was making a needle case from a freebie download  over at Flossies Teacakes well she's all done, I put the final few stitches in on Tuesday so what do you think
Matrosyska Doll needle-case
and inside!
all ready for a few pins and needles, I may give her away as a gift then make some more. I'm now busy trying to get the Victorian Crazy pin cushion done which was started at Westbury park quilter's meeting on Monday, the tutor was very good and showed the members how to piece Victorian Crazy Ptachwork in the Traditional way, I usually use the stitch & flip method round a central 5 sided piece (sort of log cabin style) but this was sooo much fun I may do more of this method, as its all hand sewn and would be easy to carry around.
Now for some embroidery!
Saturday - Back again!
Clock Tower Quilters today, so.... I determined to cut out the dressing gown to which I pinned the pattern last month ... DONE then it was on with the alphabet wall-hanging for Little H. I bought the pattern at Malvern when she was 'still a bump' the fabrics were bought in New England in 2011 and to date I have only done 7 of the blocks which I am very pleased with so far except for the letter G which I bonded BEFORE I worked out where the letter would go so it don't fit Oh damn!!! still with a bit more careful planning I could possibly put the tail of the 'G' down into the sashing as long as I remember to do the same on a couple of other letters to balance it out - probably the 'Q' & 'Y'.So this is where I am at so far

There will be quite a bit of detail to be added and they will all need blanket stitching round the edges but I think I will do that during the evenings. Anyhow the plan is to give it too her at Christmas (but I'm not saying which one with my track record LOL)
Other projects finished by our members today are these beauties
Carol has been working on this bag for ages but it's done at last
Mollie's Flying Geese lap quilt.
Ably shown by Laura as poor Mollie broke her shoulder during the summer and still does not have the full movement back in the joint.
Well it's off for tea and perhaps a spot of sewing.
See you all soon

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